Thursday, February 6, 2014


Between snow storms it is time to return to serious business; Plainfield's Council meetings.

Late Sunday after the wipe out  I posted my take on the agenda for Monday night’s meeting. Unless the predicted Sunday night's storm causes another postponement this coming Monday; my comments still hold for the scheduled 6pm Agenda Fixing Session.

My first comment was that I felt that a discussion about payroll deductions for subscribers to “Legal Shield” did not belong on the agenda in as much as it would be inappropriate for the city to act as a collection agency for a commercial operation.

Since then Dan has posted a detailed blog on this item.

Unless as there is as with health insurances; a contractual obligation to supply “Legal Shield”, which is only one of several companies that offer an plan to provide legal services when needed (ie: insurance) it is not taxpayers obligation to assume the expense of remitting the monthly premium to the provider.

I am not sure how this item appeared on the agenda; I suspect that one of the Councilors after the  last Council meeting requested that it be placed for discussion and possible implementation.

If you recall during the public commentary portion of the last Council Special or Regular meeting a young lady made a speech on how valuable the service was for those who could not afford a lawyer. I also believe that Jeffery Dunn in an altruistic speech spoke in support of this program. He mentioned the “Incubator” several times as if its purpose was to help those who did not have the wherewithal to help themselves.

I have looked up NJBIN and in its bulletin there is this statement; “The New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN) offers an extensive array of services to client companies, professional partners/service providers, and investors,”

“NJBIN Business-to-Business Directory:”

“NJBIN provides this business to business directory to help our incubator companies to identify win-win collaborations within the NJBIN network. All incubator companies that want to do business with other incubator companies are invited to advertise here for free.”

In the Business to Business Directory there appears the following ad:

Legal Shield

Legal Services and Business Consulting

Special Offer:

Group rates available. Please call for further details.


Jeffery Dunn


Host Incubator: The Incubator inc./The BOSS (Business One Stop Service)

I think that speaks for itself.

 About “Incubator”, some quotes from Wikipedia
“Business incubators are programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts. Incubators vary in the way they deliver their services, in their organizational structure, and in the types of clients they serve.
“Incubators also differ from the U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Development Centers (and similar business support programs) in that they serve only selected clients. SBDCs are required by law to offer general business assistance to any company that contacts them for help. In addition, SBDCs work with any small business at any stage of development, not only startup companies. Many business incubation programs partner with their local SBDC to create a "one-stop shop" for entrepreneurial support.”

One (Incubator) is a for profit business; the U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency. Bear this in mind in all discussions about public spirit and the Incubator.


  1. I can not blame ANYONE fro trying to get some business for their company, but it is the duty of the Council to protect Citizen's taxes. Every restaurant in town would like to have money collected from employees that they could then use to pay part of their dinner bills if they ever went there to eat. In fact I might go done to the Texas Weiner I and try to get in on the action.

  2. This sounds like another Dunn scam.