Friday, February 7, 2014


A little local stuff after a late night watching Jay Leno’s final show.

Since Pearl’s days I have never been a fan of the 11:30pm Carlson, Leno, Letterman talk shows. However I did watch last night’s farewell. I thought the “Sound of Music” good-by was well conceived. And, nobody got teary.

But back to today; after hearing for a week about the European module and the American module  predicting the mother of all storms  Sunday night  all of a sudden we are now going to have three “storms” of little consequences , one  predicts perhaps 1 to 2 inches of snow Sunday.

Since it is most likely that the Monday’s Council meetings  will take place would it not be appropriate that the snow banks blocking curb access to the sidewalk in front of the Police Station/Court Room be cleared so that people do not have to make a dangerous walk in the street to reach poorly cleared corner “paths”. The alternative is to risk broken bones after a fall trying to go over the icy barriers.

After the previous storm at the January meeting there was no cleared walkway to the sidewalk from the parking lot on 4th St.

Could the Council approve of such conditions so that they can conduct their business in private?

Today’s Courier has an article about those “ID cards” issued by Carmen Salavarrieta’s “Angels for Action”. These by reports have a photo plus some info about the barer. They have no official approval; there is no proof that any of the data has been vetted.

In fact Salavarrieta is quoted a s saying: “many immigrants don’t have enough documents or Social Security numbers (i.e.: illegals) to obtain other forms of ID” (such as Driver’s license).”Even residents living in this country legally may have difficulty if they lose their green cards or permanent residency documents.”

These cards can be considered a scam to give the appearance of legitimacy. Since 500 have been issued at $10.00 per that is $5,000.00 to Salavarrieta’s “nonprofit”. With the quoted potential of “2000 applicants” Angels for Action will net $25,000.00.

There is a real need for the government to take action to legalize the presence of numbers of the illegals in the country. Certainly children born here must have security. Adults who have been model residents should be protected. The immigration laws that discriminate against Latinos have to be altered.  

It appeared that Congress had finally reached a bipartitism agreement on this issue that would be passed this year. Unfortunately, since this is a Congress election year there is now strong indication that many are afraid to support any such legislation. Perhaps next year.
But, there is no excuse to condone action that try to contravene the law.

Dawg is a'comin 

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  1. When it comes to scams, it is easier to be taken advantage of by someone you feel comfortable with.
    No surprise that it is Hispanics taking advantage of Hispanics

    Here about the march against tougher voter ID laws in NC? The marchers were told to bring photo ID with them to get on bus! HYPOCRISY 101!lol