Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Council man Storch posted a notice of the road repairs and ancillary maintenance projects in the second quarter area. I question the advisability of space is starting the Watchung Avenue repavement project in late October. It is well known that there are temperature levels at which below which asphalt repavement does not bond or cure well with the subsurface.

We should've learned from the Kensington Avenue disaster what happens when projects are begun at this latitude late in the calendar year. Before the Kensington Avenue project was even started I had questioned at a Council meeting the advisability of beginning so later the four. City Administrator Deshields gave assurance that the project would be completed before the weather deteriorated and the outside temperature dropped to a too low level. We know how long it took to complete that road project.

I also wonder why if a major segment of a row is the prepaid segments why one begins with that portion of the street that is relatively good shape whereas the segment from Woodland Avenue to Leland Avenue is a near disaster. It is true that this portion of the street is supposedly due to be repaid in the next cycle. What should be done first?

One of the problems we have had in Plainfield is the lack of preventive maintenance in our infrastructure. It is still not too late to budget for by applying for grants to stop the deterioration of our present road system. There are adequate guidance available please see the link posted here. ( I, there is no substitute for quote open ""a penny saved is a dollar earned"

Several months ago I called attention to the deterioration of Knollwood Court. This roadway built in the early 1950s has never received extensive maintenance. However, at the intersection with Cushing Road the pavement is undergoing progressive destruction that threaten its the integrity of both streets. At this point hot patch repair would be the only solution short of repavement of that segment.

At present we are probably four years behind on our six year plan for street pavements which was proposed at the end of a previous administration. Whether the delay its have been to poor planning, poor grant application, or excessive override unanticipated project costs that depleted available funds.

All I am asking for is that we forget the errors of the past and turn a new leaf. By paying attention to our aging infrastructure and establish a overall maintenance upkeep plan.

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