Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today started out weird; No Mark Spivey report in the Courier. I suppose that could have been expected since  this whole week , just Tuesday and Wednesday there has been a dearth of commentaries to blogger's reports   relating to Monday night's  marathon.

Once again there was too much vital business and discussion to really make an impression to the onlookers. It is doubtful that the participants came away fully cognisant of  what had been battered about.'

Most of the meeting had to do with finances and the ghost budget. Balancing income and providing essential services remains one the most important issue of all meetings.  Cities like Plainfield that do not  have a strong industry/commercial  tax  base are in trouble. That is reflected in this  article printed 10/5/10 in the New York Times has  about cities who require State Financial aid to avoid bankruptcy. Although its focus was on Harrisburg Pa, the paper notes that there are 7 cities in NJ that are in a program. As of July 3,2008:Jersey City, Paterson, Camden, Union City, Asbury Park and Bridgeton have been approved for the extra state aid, while Newark and Harrison are awaiting decisions by the state Local Finance Board on their applications.
Since then Harrison has been added to the list. This year the seven received $44 million.

Governor Christie is right in holding up funds for the asinine  conceived tunnels to New York. The original plans to build additional platform capability in the present Penn Station location and  adjacent to it with either further  under East River connections and  or Grand Central Station to allow access to Northern New York  and west is more logical than  a dead end station near the center of the Earth. It would  be more sensible, more efficient and cheaper. In fact Amtrak is making plans  for its own and more capacity tunnels for that purpose.

There is  a suspicion consider the principles involved that this present plan is part of Corzine's support of the Soprano State.

Once again if I do not post there will be a flowing family get together this weekend and  for several concurrent  hours there will be 5 great grandchildren to connect with.


  1. Sounds like you have a perfect day ahead. Talk to us later.

  2. Doc - enjoy your family.

  3. Agreed on the issues with the made no sense changing it to come out underneath Macy's at 34th and sense what so ever when there are SOOOOO many platforms available underneath the Farley Post Office and the still usable NY Penn.
    Have a great time with your family...
    My best.

  4. Don't worry Doc, this is Plainfield. If you always expect the worst here, you will never be disappointed!

  5. So Blackdog, maybe we shouldn't expect the worst. You know the old saying - "if you think you can you can, if you think you can't you're right". Maybe Plainfield is a pit because people expect it to be. Maybe you should start a movement to change that pig stye expectation.

  6. Anon 10:34 . . . You have no clue, do you? The gangs in town are more organized and disciplined than the government!