Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On Tuesday October 19, 2010 the most inconspicuous day on the calendar is Tuesday November 2 ,2010.

Outstanding in this Central New Jersey area is the absolute silence in the political field. In Plainfield the local elections for 2 Council positions are such a given that the two Republican Candidates will only give a pro forma performance at the traditional LWV Candidates' Forum.

Even the Freeholder races have generated little if any publicity. These offices are probably the most important political positions for county residents in New Jersey. Even more so than State Senator and Assemblyman as far as the economic impact on the taxpayer. There are Republican strongholds in the County, but obviously do not generate enough votes to counter the Elizabeth/Plainfield domination.

The important races for the two House of Representative's seats in Union County also are very quiet. Plainfield's 6th Congressional District will return Democrat Pallone, while the rest of Union County in the 7th Congressional district will most likely reelect Republican Lance. Obviously in this year of critical Congressional elections Plainfield voters are going to have almost no impact.

One can wonder if the non-campaigns being wagered are an attempt to keep the vote low and perhaps secure elections for certain power groups.

The recent rescue of the Chilean miners was an exercise that our National Government should learn. A commercial disaster unlike the BP oil well fiasco was not left to the proprietors to remedy but the Chilean Government immediately stepped in . The miners were not left to the bungling of corporation officials. Or to incompetent local, state and federal officials as happened in New Orleans.

It was a combination of engineering and psychological expertise of the Chilean Navy and  NASA  that produce the three Phoenix capsules. True #2 was used in the rescue  and will remain in Chile as an exhibit, but the other two will be on worldwide tour. One is at the Shanghai World Fair until Oct. 31.The rig that was used to raise the capsule was built in Austria.

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