Monday, October 25, 2010


Until a specific subject becomes paramount my blog will be truly potpourri and not an essay.

It is now a week before election day. Perhaps there could be an upset in our congressional district which I find very unlikely. The election results are probably preordained. That does not mean that we should return the sitting freeholders and elect to Republicans instead. However the fact of the matter is that the Democratic County machine is too strong to be unseated.

The campaign has been so vigorous that I know nothing and even learned less about the Republican candidates. Of course I believe Carter will be an excellent freeholder unless she has become two completely a party player.

Her election will create a vacancy on Plainfield's Council which will have to be filled at the January 1 meeting.. The traditional way of filling a vacant council seat is by the party holding that seat. Traditionally three name are presented to the Council for selection of one. In the 90s the chairman of the local Democrat party made a farce of the selection process by submitting a husband, wife, and son's names. Before the Council could choose between the three both the wife and the son withdrew the the Council with just a single name to select from.

The mix of the three individuals selected will be very interesting and may be indicative of the counts of the party chairman's control at this time.

I noted in the newspaper today that Summit is suing its auditors, who I believe tol be the same firm that Plainfield uses, to recover the part of a $1.3 million scam by the vendors used to pay required funds in their pension plan plans. Fortunately, the insurance is covering $1 million. However, the auditors never picked up that the pension plans were underfunded. This is one point of concern in our community where are auditors have permitted by not threatening to resign for cause when Plainfield continued the improper fiscal procedures that they annually noted.

I don't know how many of you read in the paper and in Mark's blog his article on the Mayor's speech at the Shiloh Baptist Church conference. this quote is from that article.
"Robinson-Briggs said. "How much does it cost to save a life in Plainfield? I'm so sorry if others don't feel as strongly about this as I do.'' Robinson-Briggs also said she felt that people mischaracterized the broadcast as a payment directly to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who participated in it, saying that Sharpton appeared ""for free'' at the request of WBLS. The mayor further suggested that the council's investigation has political undertones - six of seven members of the governing body are "New Democrats,'' she noted,"

How naïve does she think thatg all of the people in Plainfield are? It is a known fact that Sharpton never accept this payment. However moneyis paid to organization or foundation in which he has a direct interest. It has been reported that they support him with the standard of life to which he has become accustomed. He is supposed to have an interest in the radio station.



  1. Frankly, I do not believe the people of Plainfield really care what happens here or who does it! I hear many complaints . . . but if they do not vote . . . . .nothing will ever change!
    Union County is considered by many people to be the most corrupt county in New Jersey . . . but it can be no more corrupt than the people running it. This means elected and appointed officials and the groups or individuals backing them! Too much power is concentrated in a small select group!

  2. 1) The Mayor believes the people in Plainfield are simpletons and "loyal" party voters, so her actions mean nothing as she will have the job as long as Jerry keeps putting her on the ballot.
    2) How much is a life worth ? She is the last person, much less Al Sharpton I would expect a real and genuine response to that question unless it was referencing their own life. And digging deeper into the comment...she of course plays the sympathy ( I AM THE VICTIM HERE !!! I AM THE VICTIM !! ) instead of answering the question. Diversion is a famous tactic utilized by those who are less than honest. Simpletons fall for it...see #1 above.

  3. "Of course I believe Carter will be an excellent freeholder"

    Depends on your definiation of "excellent".

    All she will do there is go there and vote "YES" 20 times a meeting.

    Van Blake did that the last three years.

    The three years before that, Mapp did that.

    Meanwhile Plainfield gets fewer and fewer county services and the county will not pay it's PILOT payments to the city.

    Things change. But not really. I don't know if I would call that an "excellent" Freeholder.