Tuesday, October 12, 2010


All my comments regarding the documents  that I downloaded from Councilor Bruney's  blog link remain valid and as useless as the document itself. Thanks to  Maria "OPRA"  Pellum  I was able to find the  entire 68 pages of the documentary item and have to retract some of my objections. My original down load was suitable only as Montgomery Ward Catalog* replacement.

The true  document does contain figures as exact expenditures and/or revenues for 2010. It will take me a prolong period of time to try to make head or tails out of this document but it does fulfill its purpose.

* For you all city dwellers; in the depression 30s rural America was dependent on its shopping for small  local general stores and for big budget items on two mail order giants. One still exists but mainly as a retail operation That is Sears. The other was Montgomery Ward., which I believe had a  major facility in Albany New York.
Both catalogs were eagerly awaited, and MonkeyWards was perhaps the more desirable one than the mid western Sears. One  musty also understand that mush of the value of those catalogs  was due to the fact that when a successor arrived the older issue now served an essential duty in  the outhouses of the nation. Running water was a rarity in rural America as was municipal sewerage plants.

Incidentally, in the 30s both Montgomery Ward and Sears had retail stores in downtown Plainfield.

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  1. Doc, do you remember Carlyle Crane? I run into his son from time to time in Lambertville.