Monday, October 4, 2010


When Corporation Counsel Williamson referred to "Councilwoman Mapp" I knew that meeting mental fatigue had set in. He did mean Council President McWilliams and so corrected himself. But It was nearing 11 PM and the Council and City Administrator and he had been in that room since about 6PM for the Executive Session. However, for even this die hard Council meeting attendee it was approaching the time time go home and to bed.

Fortunately. before 7AM both Plaintalker and Mark's new blog had "reporters" postings regarding the financial problems that overshadowed the meeting.

At 7:50PM the Council President opened the Special Meeting called to receive the budged. The agenda for that meeting was not available for the public until in was nearing its adjournment, Although the legal notice stated "RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE INTRODUCTION OF THE SFY 2011 MUNICIPAL OPERATING BUDGET COUPLED WITH A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING A CIVIL SERVICE PLAN"
when the Administration confirmed that the budget was not ready the second resolution could not be offered.

Administrator Taylor stated that the delay was due to a the Auditors had difficulty in reconciling the General Ledger and the audit.. The problem was caused by "the absence of a critical individual. She conceded on questioning that the person was the CFO.
We may now have the budget introduced in November.

Council President McWilliams noted that in the two years she has been on the Council the Administration had only submitted 2 names . One in 2009 she would not comment on why he/she had been rejected, the other this year came without a references or work history and as of Monday evening no references had ever been received.

Later in the meeting during a discussion on reintroducing the two Ordinances that the Council had failed to override the Mayor's veto Councilor Reid in defending his vote because he felt that both should be unnecessary. He strongly criticized Administration for failing to fill the positions of CFO and Director of Administration and Finances.

The format of the Special meeting like Regular meetings has a period for public Comments on any subject pertaining to the City
before its closing. Several residents took advantage of that period rather than waiting to near midnight. to express their concerns on matters unrelated to the Special Meetings subject.

Dunn, the President of "Incubator" seized the opportunity to report that the project had been completed with the coordinated help of various agencies to retrain unemployed individuals and how to present themselves for job applications. He was optimistic that there will soon be positive results.

There were two speakers regarding the Drake House;noting that grant money for handicap access restrooms was dependent on the owner, the City, represented by by Mayor signing the application. There will b e no cost to the City for this project. They also asked when the $91,000.00 appropriated more than a year ago would be received.

There was also a prolonged discussion on the "Recreation Committee/Commission". Although the Council is leaning to convert the "Committee" into a "Commission" with powers similar to an Authority" Administrator Taylor expressed the Mayor and her staff opposed the transfer of operations from a City department.

More to follow.

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