Monday, October 11, 2010


Until I have the opportunity to read the individual resolutions and Ordinances for first reading, I can not even venture a comment regarding them.

However,I am disappointed that under unfinished business the  long delayed not followed up report on the request to the State to appoint a temporary CFO  is  still missing. This is in despite of Corporation Counsel Williamsons comments last week  that when recently went to check on its status the division had no record of receipt. Apparently it was later found and a reply was anticipated by this meeting.

Also missing is an attempt to reintroduce the McWilliams'  "oversight Ordinance". Cursory reviews of the Auditor's report for 2007,2008,2009 suggest that if Administration  is lax on fiscal controls it is the obligation of the Council to maintain oversight. Once again it too is abrogating its fiduciary responsibility.

I downloaded Councilor Burney's posting of the introduced budget.  As I write this it is 7 PM and I have not had time to do more than scan it. I noted that under total appropriations there is $2,000,000.00 less than in the 2010 FY budget. That would represent a saving of 2.9%.. It is going to be hard to interpreted what the numbers mean because this  document only  has two columns; the  adopted 2010FY budget. which is  of course a working estimate, and the proposed 2011FY budget. Missing is the actual 2010 numbers for  FY 2010.

If what we are given is what took the Administration  31/2 months to develop after its due date at the risk of criticism I consider this to be a worthless document designed to throw upon the Council the stigma of producing a working budget which most likely will call for a tax increase.

In my years of experiences with various  much smaller organizations I have NEVER seen a proposed budget presented without the actual latest years final line itemization. If this type document is what the Council has worked with in the past They are as guilty as Administration in our financial mess. Unless there is a separate document  hidden from the public that has those important numbers before the Council can release  a Budget to send to the State for approval, they can have no choice but to reject this document. If there is another document with the actual numbers for FY2010 that is being kept secret, that is  in violation of the law.

I do plan to look over these 14 pages and  perhaps  note on the blog any outstanding line item.

 I would be remiss if  I failed to once again express our appreciation to Councilor Burney for  his continued Public service of  posting important documents and  keeping us informed about municipal affairs. Thai Councilor has tended to ignore  his extended lame duck status gives us hope that he will continue to be another v ital voice in the community through  his bog and personal Council attendance.

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