Monday, October 12, 2009


In the final few weeks before elections, there is no questions that the biggest issue in front of the electorate is "DOLLARS".

The dollars we need. The dollars we can use for everyday operation of life in this state The dollars we want but can do without,. And of course how are we going to get the dollars?

I am not going to put my 2cents in at this time on this issue, but suggest a radical solution to a fundamental fault. A solution which no one in any governmental level in this state wishes to face.

New Jersey's biggest problem is the pyramidal configuration that constitutes political structure.
  1. The base is the local community unit
  2. Above that is the County governmental structure
  3. Finally. there is the typical two body legislative organization, The Executive branch with sundry administrations an bureaus, and the legal portion.
It is past time for Constitutional revision. A petition for a referendum calling for the creation and election of delegates to a body empowered to present for adoption such reform must be on the next election ballot. The primary if possible, or a special election otherwise the next general election is another year wasted. Then there will be the time it takes for the "convention" to accomplish its duty followed by a delay for the public to vote.

To be considered at level (1) The nature of local communities, the possibility of combining smaller ones into larger groups despite diversity that can operate more efficiently with less duplication of services.

At level (2) the County political structure. Antiquated and unnecessary. Most of its present functions can be either delegated to the community or absorbed by the State. This is an area which citizens have little knowledge but is one of Jerseys greatest source for it is reputation as the " Soprano State". The counties are the greatest source for political patronage and nepotism.

At the State level, the number of agencies, commissions, bureaus etc must be examined for reduction by assimilation or elimination of those not needed.

Of course, unless there is an overwhelming demand by the taxpayers/voters none of this will happen. Can you see any of the present Republican or Democrat now holding office willing to kill their golden goose for the benefit of you and I.

There is need of a expanding grass root structure to force on the ballot an amendment requiring the Constitutional Revision and then the ability to elect those with a true desire.


  1. Dr. Yood,

    Thanks for putting your thoughts on this issue. For a long time I have been wondering why do we need the county aside from the politicos' need to create more patronage jobs. Your idea of making change to the way government is set a grass roots movement is quite appealing, I hope more people hear the call.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hear, hear! The only point where I disagree is on the election of delegates to a constitutional convention. What would stop the same fools who run our government now from becoming delegates and making our next constitution even better for them and worse for the rest of us? After all, they win elections under our current system...

    Instead, I propose something like British Columbia did when they wanted electoral system reform, a Citizens' Assembly. Randomly select New Jersey voters from each legislative district and have them hear expert and public testimony before writing a new constitution and putting it to an up-or-down referendum. It worked for British Columbia.

  3. I am always amazed that Fanwood and Scotch plains separately exist. Here is a classic example of cost reductions made by combining services. I seem to recall some time ago seeing that the State allocated $50,000 to study if the police departments could be combined. What a waste of money! Anybody who takes a ride through the towns can see that there is no need to have separate departments. How many other towns in this state could combine some or all of their operations and save the taxpayer a great deal of money.

  4. Why do small town like North Plainfield, Fanwood, Middlesex exist? Because voters want them to.

    Numerous mini have studies shared services. In the end, the consolidation gets rejected. We love our own fiefdomes. We love our own Police chiefs. We love our own high school. And so on.