Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thank you,Thank you,Thank you to Dr. Gallon and the Plainfield BOE. Thank You to Jerry Green. Thank you to Mark Spivey, and to the Courier.

Earlier I had complained about a lack of material for my blog. Well after reading today's Courier that has changed. One long article and one editorial sufficed.

Once more the Plainfield School System has exemplified what is wrong in our city. The annual change in job description with the creation of titles that may sound exciting but can not be defined in the State's requirements for specific organizational structure has created a problem. Once more tailoring a position for nepotism purposes may have backfired at the taxpayers' expense.

Once more the BOE has failed to do due diligence in filling a position. Once more it seems that the BOE and administration show no restraint on "perks" for administrative employees. All they have to do is pass the cost on to the taxpayers by increasing their budget or deprive students of needed study materials. Conferences are more important than proper distribution of text books.

Thanks to Jerry Green for once again rising to the defense of his constituency by naming names and pointing fingers when an investigation has not been completed. On the other hand it seems that he has had no problem or at least no comment about what may seem to be illegal< if not only improper, activities in the City Administration. Of course he has said many a time that he has no influence in the city government. His only commitment is to his duties for the 22nd Assembly district and as "Speaker pro Tempore" whatever that may be.

Thanks to Mark Spivey for his in depth article on the school system problem, and to his editors for finding the space to print it. Mark. in compensation for this plug I will accept a bottle of one of those wonderful beers you write about on Wednesday .

Above all Thanks to the Courier Editors for todays editorial why the Republican 22nd district Assembly candidates should be elected. I hope enough voters read it.

Unfortunately there is no thanks to Dr. Gallon who may have disrupted all the gains he seems to have been making in the school district to find cushy jobs for friends. I hope he can prove that I am wrong in this last comment.

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  1. A disgrace once again. When will the administration and the BOE stop spending our money like it is free. Then our taxes go up. Stop the spending.