Tuesday, October 20, 2009


New Jersey is known for its unique political climate. Never the less there has probably been nothing anywheres that equals Oz's Administration.

Where is Oz? Not in Kansas but located in the extreme western corner of Union County, N.J. For those of us who thought that this was the location of Plainfield, think again. No one in Plainfield's Administration could plan the financial shenanigans that has been the policy of this city of Oz for the past few years.

On Monday night, October 19, 2009 there was a special meeting for the purpose of passing two resolutions allocating funds for the legal defense of Plainfield policemen in two separate actions.
These had been deferred from last Tuesday's regular meeting because Councilor Mapp had questioned the legality of the Financial Certificate.

Corporation Counsel Williamson requested the withdrawal of the first Resolution asking confirmation of Sandra Cummings as 'part time CFO. His reason was that the State had informed Administration that there is no provision in the law for a "Part-Time CFO, or an "Acting CFO", only a CFO or a "Temporary CFO". Apparently correspondence had been ongoing all this past week between Trenton and Administration.

Williamson informed the Council that it was only late Monday when he received verbal approval from the State for the Mayor to appoint a "Temporary CFO" for a period of 90 days, however the person to be named had left was not available to sign her part of the agreement.

When he proposed that the two appropriation resolutions be voted on and the attestation would be attached Tuesday , the Council led by Mapp unanimously strongly objected to such proceedings as being illegal. Therefore those two resolutions were also withdrawn and no vote was taken on a third resolution, which I will address in an other post.

During Corporation Counsel's convoluted explanation it was revealed that a letter had been sent from the State addressed to the Mayor and the "Members of the Council" . For some reason that letter had not been forwarded to the City Clerk's office for distribution. Williamson could give no explanation why the letter had never reached the Council. When asked if he could produce the letter for distribution and review he was unable to do so since it would not be proper into go to the Mayors Office without her knowledge.

Finally, responding to the Council's insistence, he agreed to try to reach Mayor Briggs by phone, The Council then recessed for 10 minutes until CC Williamson returned. announcing his failure to contact the Mayor.The net results was the no actions taken.

During Last Tuesday's regular Council meeting it was mentioned that although a preliminary budget had not been ready for Council Acceptance, in order to meet the Stat e deadline, the City Administrator had submitted, without Council's knowledge or approval, a copy of the yet to be submitted budget and a request for extra-ordinary aid to the State.

The legality of such action is at best doubtful, and may be criminal. Also it is possible that various people have attested to financial matters during this period. It would take an in depth review by the State or The US district attorney if federal grants are involved to pinpoint all irregularity and if they were made out of ignorance or in order to hide violations from the Government. No Democrat Administration is going to touch this prior to Nov. 3rd elections.

No matter how Administration's representatives try to gloss over the CFO deal as an innocent error, the budget doings can not be so construed.

Needless to remark the well attended audience sat in amazement during the proceedings. They seemed so bewildered that no one made a comment on this matter during the 'Citizen's Participation" portion of the meeting

I as an individual can not conceive the present Administration being allowed to remain or be elected for another term without a complete explanation of facts. We are owed accountability and assurance that any violations were at best minor. It is still not too late.


  1. Doc, this is unconscionable. I think that Council President Burney and the rest of the city council should be demanding the resignation of Dashield and Williamson for malfeasance and incompetence. Their irresponsibility has harmed the city and they will continue to defer their fiduciary responsibilities if left unchecked. The mayor fired Peck for incompetence, among other things, so now is the time to insist that she fire these two. Any credibility this administration may have been hoping for has gone out the window. That the mayor is unreachable is suspect. And to think that we, as taxpayers, are PAYING THESE TWO INDIVIDUALS OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSANDS DOLLARS A YEAR plus pension and benefits for this "expertise"--appalling!


  2. Why the City Counsel hasn't tried to impeach this administration I don't know. This clown of a mayor and her freak side show should have been dumped long ago. I see people removing and stomping on "Re-elect Sharon" signs all the time. It's no wonder. This woman has taken Plainfield deep into a dark place that no community should have to go.

    I think it takes a lot of gall for this woman to want to run again. The freak show just gets more outrageous every day. Let's put her where she belongs, as far outside city hall as we can.