Thursday, October 22, 2009


What is a poor blogger to do? It may be too early for Indian Summer, but it feels like it is here and has a lethargic effect. The Democrats keep quiet, that is the locals. On the State level all the heavy hitters, Billy Boy, Bidden, Obama get their pictures taken with Corzine while they spout his virtues. Reverend Jackson surprisingly endorses Corzine who just happened to contribute I believe $85,000.00 to the preachers church last year. The PBA, FMBA, and teachers are protective of their pension benefits and automatic contract raises. No they are not supporting Christie.

SO! As I write (?) this blog I have nothing to complain or approve? Without material I am forced to post a few more Eldridge Street photos.

The first one is the Cantor's Lectern (correction 9:45). In the Orthodox and Conservative Synagogues most of the Service and Prayers is sung or "chanted" by the Cantor who assists the Rabbi in the Service.
This was taken from the Sanctuary floor looking up at the Rose Window on the Street side of the Building. It is the rear of the Sanctuary and shows in the foreground the Women's balcony and benches
The present Congregation holds its services in a small sanctuary in the basement. This is looking towards the Ark which holds the Torah that are read on the "table". The young man is great grandson Casey.
Another view of the Women's Balcony at the side of the Sanctuary.

The Women's Balcony: In traditional Eastern European Orthodoxy the main floor of the synagogue was for the men. The women and children sat upstairs in the balcony. In some of the newer synagogues the separation is side by side with low partition. This separation is also carried out in Jerusalem at the Western Wall where a fence separates the men from the women.

To read more about the role of the Cantor go to: ( Sorry I still have trouible embedding links.

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