Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is the potpourri I intended the heavy stuff will come later today.

The fortress at Wurtzburg in the Main at night.

You will have to take my word, but across the foreground is a bridge and you can see reflection of lights on the water below the arches. Some wheres in my files and I will find it sometime in the future is a closeup of the fortress which dates back to the 11th Century both at night and in the day.

Another river at dusk, the Iron Gate of the Danube
The cruise boat was Roumanian owned and operated. At that time way before the "wall came crashing down" they had little tourist sense. They managed to go through the most impressive sight of the Danube at dusk so photographic opportunities were minimal. This picture has been stylized, but on the point on the left is the control cabin which regulated traffic through this narrow passageway.

Wanted a goblet in a wine cellar in Burgundy

Daytime visit complete with vintage tastings to a small producer of Burgundy wines. The floor was earthen, the various vintages were great except in wine tasting you don't drink it, smell it, swish it around the mouth and spit it out. That is why the floor was dirt. .

Guess where?
Of course I didn't fool you, this is the shoreline of Sardinia.

More serious stuff later today.

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