Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's Courier repeats the CFO situation. 90 days to find a permanent one. I hope that will be a job for a NEW ADMINISTRATION. How can the City Administrator or the Corporation Counsel NOT KNOW THE LAW? We thought what we were doing was OK or words to that effect is attributed to Dasheild in the CN article. INCOMPETENCY is the hallmark of the present Administration. If any voter votes the party ticket they don't give a damn about Plainfield.

Too bad we can't clone Bernice and send her to the BOE meetings . WE need some one with reporting skills to assist Maria at the BOE coverage. This most important and cost consuming self protective arm of the City administration suffers from Arrogance on the part of the professional staff and amateurism on the Boards part.

There must be a better format for the Board meeting, if needed they should be twice as off ten. I for one can not make the time to attend although I am interested in how the district is runned. If I had details from meetings I am willing to post as a third person with perhaps some editing.


  1. Thanks Doc. I was beginning to feel that those bloggers, like Renata and I were"ignored". As much invested as we are on the process I feel we can't be "reporters" for the BOE, we do have children in the system and that takes away the objectivity that a reporter might have. Or maybe I'll just sign up for one of those college classes that teach one how to do "reporting style writing".

    But the BOE meetings, as long as they keep the present schedule, are out of my agenda. They need to make their meetings accessible.

    Thanks again for calling for help.
    We need it.


  2. Maria, there always is a method in ones madness. If you confirm with the law but make the process unpalatable you have accomplished your goal of non public participation. I think the drive should come from parent's school organtion what used to be the PTA. You will also need a core of older citizen activists.

  3. I have heard that the mayor had employees sign checks and this is totally illegal and the mayor knows it. When will the city council audit the books and see how much money this mayor stuck in her pocket or Jerry Green's pocket. I know people were pressured to sign checks when they knew what they were doing was illegal and were coerced into signing the checks. Let's dump this mayor and Gerry Green and send them both to jail.

  4. Doc, the Board of Ed is not an "arm of the City administration," as you well know.

  5. Dottie- A bad choice of phraseology. Of course the BOE is independent of the elected city government, however I meant that it was an Independent but elected public city "establishment" that has a major impact on our taxes.

    This is unlike an authority like the PMUA which the citizens have no control.

    Doesn't the Council have some final say in the BOE tax rate? I just do not remember.

    Again thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow, wish I could return the favor.

  6. They unfortunately have plenty of support. The sad part is Doc.. there are plenty of "Dottie"s in Plainfield. Supporting the very people who screw you over...Congrats I am Democrat in Plainfield !!
    It's so much better to get screwed royally by your own local party than to let some "Shifty Baby Eating Dancing Around The Fire Naked Pagan Republicans" come into Plainfield and screw up our hospital, beautiful downtown, thriving business community and low crime rate....ohhhhh that's right, that would be towns that DON'T HAVE MAYOR JERRY or ASSISTANT MAYOR SHARON. Anybody got another free lunch Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum can ruin?? There has got to be some village that is missing their idiot and needs Assistant Mayor Sharon back at the VERY least.