Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tuesday night at Council meeting , Corporation Counsel passed out to the Council but not publicly shared a list of the Connolly Properties that were either operating under bankruptcy protection, in foreclosure proceedings or for sale. The properties consist of I believe over housing 2000 units.

The Council had requested the data with a listing of which units were still not in compliance with the building and health codes as well as those that had received certificates of compliance.

The was also the question of the city's responsibility if the water company cut off service. and if the PMUA stopped trash collection because of non payment. If the water was cut off the City would have to declare the buildings uninhabitable and relocate the tenants at city expense. WE should have a copy of the law delegating the city's responsibility to the tenants.

Corporation Counsel did mention that the city is in talks with the water company to assure that the apartments were supplied.

Williamson noted that bankruptcy nor foreclosure did not relive the ownership of the responsibility of providing utility services and operating the apartment under code.

In response to a question about the number of buildings that had received Certificates of Compliance he note that there were all but three. These three had never received as required by law after sale the Certificate. "Something went askew," Williamson said, adding ownership of the three buildings should never have been transferred."

Once again we have an other example of a failure of an administrative department to meet its legal obligation designed for the protection of the public. WE need to know when the sales occurred and who failed to follow up on the legal requirements for sale and occupancy.

One more example of why I claim this Administration is not only morally bankrupt but derelict in its responsibilities and must be replaced.

The revelation that the new Director of Administration and Finance left her last position under "confidential circumstances" that resulted in a $250,000.00 buy out of her contract by Dover is disturbing. We have no way of knowing if the Township felt that the need for change was due to some work related problem or personal relationship issue. If the former, was this investigated by Administration during its due diligence process before hiring her. The bigger question was there due diligence performed. I raise this question since the individual who was to be presented to the Council for the CFO post at the same time Taylor was interviewed did not appear and his name was withdrawn.
(there will be some confusion as to posting time since when I first posted it it reverted to the time yesterday that i started the draft. This is 9/15


  1. Doc,
    You seem to enjoy getting angry or recently, getting "disturbed".

    The city does not control when a sale of a property occurrs. That is a private transation between the owner and seller.

    The city can fine and so forth, but they do not know if and when a sale takes place.

  2. @Doc, for clarification is the CFO a separate position to include salary? I too have questions on the nature why Mrs Taylor left. This is germaine to what to expect from her now. I will not go as far to say "I am disturb", that would imply I already have cynical beliefs that have no basis of fact. When I found out the reason, then I can be "Disturbed".

  3. 9:50 It seeems that ant time I print something critical of your own little "Jerry Green Utopia" you accuse me of being "angry" or "disturbed". I am not anry, I don't believe hiding facts.

    No the city does not control th sale of a property but the City Codes contain provisions that must be met when a habitat ie rented or sold which must be met examples are railings on steps, or the number and placement os electrical outlets in a room. I just quoted Counsel Williamson who said that three sales should not have been permitted because no compliance certificated had been issued. Ask him for explanation, we the listeners received none.

  4. Doc:

    Bibi Taylor's settlement from Dover should not cause Plainfielders to be concerned; employees who refuse to tow the line are often times illegally forced out and tax payers end up paying the tab for large settlements. Allow the only bright light in the mayor's administration to shine. She is a lady of substance, high moral standards, professional and competent. I won't be surprise if she becomes the envy of her boss, Mr. "I will get back to you".

  5. When the sales occurred is a critical question and I am glad you mentioned it even though the city administration may not have known at the time. While I am often critical of the current mayor I don't think it's fair to blame her for everything that has gone wrong in Plainfield for the 20 years I have lived here. I'm glad the administration is taking action on the water problem.

  6. To 9:50am - so you are saying there are no records that indicate the date of a sale? And that the city cannot find this out?

    You are wrong.