Saturday, August 8, 2009


Treading water at present, awaiting free time and inspiration. At least Friday was a day in a million, perfect in every way.

Congratulations are in order to the "We the People" for our newest Supreme Court Justice, not only a woman but a Hispanic/American. We are still progressing down the road of equality but there is yet a long ways to go.

Congratulations to Superintendent Gallon and the Plainfield BOE for action that has resulted in the removal of the high school from the most dangerous list. There are positive signs to an outsider that at last the system is moving in the right direction. The administration needs the support of all as long as this trend continues.

The telephone fiasco at City Hall is unacceptable. Responsibility can not be the lack of a Director for IT, but for those who authorized the installation of the system without proper knowledge and apparently employing unqualified personnel to install the systems. The Council should be given a review of the entire process from inception.

Monday is supposed to be hot, I hope the AC is working in the City Hall Library. I expect a large turnout for the meeting

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  1. Fortunately no one lost their life in this phone outage, not just from the use of the phones, but from the Illegal Electrical setup that the City permitted, oversaw and most of all PAID for in City Hall power sources for the phone system.