Friday, April 14, 2017


This has truly been a blessed week; at least weather-wise. I cannot remember any pre-Easter week in early April that has been so spring like.

But in the real world things have not been as wonderful. In fact the locally the Tracy Brown group has shown their political amateurism by botching their petitions and possibly committing criminal fraud.

Other items that illustrates the low opinion the State ha of our area is the fact that the MVC is closing its South Plainfield office and locals who need it services will have to use the already overcrowded Edison office or Somerville, Freehold etc. ones. Again our convenience doesn’t count.

And JFK which sabotaged our local health care has agreed to be acquired by Meridian Systems (Hackensack). Despite previous assurances it is not clear what will happen to the remaining health facility on the Muhlenberg Campus. The JFK bunch made out like bandits on our money.

Of course Plainfield made the national news again by having a former resident placed on the 10 most wanted list.

Nationally; Our administration of America First followed up its attack in Syria by dropping the “Mother Of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. At the same time we are closing in on a long overdue confrontation with North Korea now that it has nuclear and missile capabilities. China’s reaction is questionable; they will not interfere if they can be assured that they are not threatened.

And once again Spicer demonstrated that he and his bosses are ignorant of history. See cartoons:

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