Sunday, April 2, 2017


Did you really expect me to blog this gorgeous spring Sunday? I may have but after the past two penultimate nights of the college basket all season and the finals; women’s tonight, men’s Monday night how could I think about such mundane things as the Council Agenda, or the Trump circus?

By the way if you missed the women’s Mississippi State/ UConn. Game which lasted until near 12:30 am and resulted with a 5’5” guard ending UConn’s 110 game winning streak; you missed one of the 10 greatest basketball games.
Now on to MLB and the Mets Yes there is still the NHL, and the NBA nearing the end of their seasons as well as Spring College Football, College soccer, Lacrosse as well as Golf to entertain a senile couch potato, However they are of such little interest that they command none of my time. 

A quick look at the AGS agenda shows little of interest except the naming of the three members to the New Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Bernice has discussed this in her blog.

I think that there is a typo in my copy of the agenda in that the titles for items 9 and 10 are reversed; the public hearing on the second reading of ordinances should precede that for the new resolutions and ordinances to be considered.

It seems that the engineering firm of Remmington, Vernick, & Arango is back in favor, receiving contracts along with Pennon Associates. Alan Goldstein how about pay for play? Also the road resurging contracts were awarded sans bid through the “Morris County Co-Ops for (a) “Milling and Paving” and (b) “Concrete Replacement”. How can we know if they are the best contracts? Since over $860K is involved us taxpayers should be reassured.

Trump will wait.

“One Plainfield, One Future” This administration’s slogan. Yet important public events are still being scheduled with complete disregard of even a small minority’s religious holy days, thus disenfranchising them.

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