Thursday, April 6, 2017


What a day Thursday! Heavy rain almost all day but sunshine before dinner.

The United States using cruise missiles fired from destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea hit the Syrian Air base from which originated the planes that were involved in the gas attack Russia’s response was still being awaited when I wrote this. Trump rightly so changed his position on Syria.

There were three nuclear threats in existence before the day started; but the two (North Korea and Iran) world destructive ones remained no more than that. However the Senate’s “Nuclear Option” was initiated by the Republicans to assure that Neil Gorsuch would receive appointment to the Supreme Court.

There was never a need for 60 votes to approve his nomination. The 60 vote need was to close a filibuster which could in effect prevent a vote on the nomination.

This am a vote to stop the filibuster failed to get the needed 60 votes.

James Madison wrote in the federalist papers that the Senate was "the great anchor of the Government," whose slower processes and higher thresholds for action would guard against the "fickleness and passion" of public opinion”

By their action today the Republicans have perhaps destroyed forever Congress’s role in our check and balances system. Yes they have said that the nuclear option would never be used in legislative matters; but a precedent has been set. In the future a President’s party with an insufficient majority to block filibusters against a law that he desires may use this maneuver.

Yes the Republicans claim that the Democrats in 2013 used it to lower the threshold to get approval for District Court Judges that the GOP were blocking. At that time they claimed it would never be used for appointments to SCOTUS.

Our world is changing ever day politically as well as in foreign relationships. What the end results will be is the question.

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