Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Is it customary to issue a RFP for redevelopment based on a proposal but before there is a redevelopment plan? Or does one create a redevelopment plan based on a developer’s desires? Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Who proposed the plan; Plainfield’s Planning Board or JFK? How many responses were there to the RFP?

Is it a coincidence that the approved redevelopment plan that the Council will be asked to confirm in a resolution seems to mirror CHA’s description of itself: CHA creates custom-built medical arts complexes. CHA has a diverse mix of national and local tenants including: Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Diagnostic Laboratories, Pharmacies, Dialysis Centers, Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Centers, Sleep Centers, Breast Centers, Oncologists, Diabetes Counseling, Physical Therapists, Substance Abuse Centers, Home Healthcare Agencies, Women’s Health Centers, Vocational & Employment Training, and Primary Care & Specialty Physicians

CHA already has a contract with JFK to purchase the portion of the area covered by this “Redevelopment Plan”. But does JFK or the Muhlenberg Foundation own the property? Have the deeds been researched? Was the “Luxury Apartments “proposal just a pig in the poke so that this present plan would not meet strong public resistance.

Yes it is most suggestive that this redevelopment is another Trenton supported done deal. That old bridge sign greeting train travelers “Trenton Makes; The World Takes “still reflects the truth although no longer about manufacturing but now about political deals.

The reality is that if there ever were a chance to have an inpatient acute care facility; Trenton would block it. Also unfortunately the primary factor that led to the demise of Muhlenberg as an independent hospital; the economic and racial demography of the area, would deter consideration by any for profit hospital chain. 

When you or I have a heart attack or a stroke when minutes are critical in determining life or death we have been dealt a possible fatal blow by political manipulations that have deprived Plainfield of its hospital.

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