Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Why should Plainfield be different from DC?

As anticipated the AFS meeting of the Council was a “nonevent” with no questioning why contracts are awarded without competitive bidding. The answer that “the vendors are from a list that the Council approved in January” skirts the question of is the City getting the best price that could be obtained from a request listing the required criteria.

One must assume that administration and council are only interested in share the wealth. The fact that this year a resolution was passed that eliminated the stricter “pay to play” restrictions. Except for Tolliver and in one instance Rivers there was no questioning on any of the resolutions.

Equally interesting was the foul call dominated championship basketball game. Was a record set? But, who really cares.

In DC Congress is playing personal agenda party politics to the hilt regardless of the country’s best interests before taking its upcoming Easter break.

Oh well Wednesday is supposed to be a warm sunny spring day for all to enjoy.

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