Wednesday, November 9, 2016


November 8 has always been an important and remarkable date in history. Besides Trumps victory, on this date in 1941 Helen Kincaid Hull, the most beautiful strawberry blond I had ever known, married Harold Yood. This marriage lasted for 68 years.

Also on this date in 329 Roman Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the state religion. In 1519 Herman Cortes met Moctezzuma for the first time. Bourbon whiskey was first distilled on this date in1789.In 1942 US and British forces landed in French North Africa, the first step in taking Europe back from Hitler. There are too many other important historical Nov.8 to list but yesterday will be among them.

“I voted for HIM and HE won. No sour grapes from the losers now." (Anon 9:41).

Thank you Anon for your gloat which beat me to this blog which I was composing at that time. I did lose a lot of sleep time last night as I expect a few of us did.

Perhaps to your disappointment, I am not crying nor do I feel that this election’s outcome will be calamitous. This is not the first time that the person I voted for lost.

I voted for Dewey against Truman who went on to become perhaps the greatest President in my lifetime.

I voted for Nixon against Kennedy which as later events turned out would have been a disaster for America if he had won. Yet it was Kennedy a known womanizer yet adored by woman who with Lyndon Johnson involved us in the Vietnam disaster.

This election the American people by a slim margin chose what they believed to be the lesser of two evils. I had thought otherwise.

Among the fears that I have is that with Republicans in control of both houses that woman’s right of choice will be abolished. I am also concerned that there will be greater discrimination against smaller minorities. I hope time will prove that these and others are baseless.

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