Wednesday, November 2, 2016


At least I have probably for worse rather than better, one anonymous reader who frequently sends comments such as this one which has no relationship to the addressed blog.The complete unedited  comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TUESDAY AT 7PM":

"yeah doc, don't comment on the newest newA. Podesta "lets get rid of those emails" . This is WORST than Watergate but bury your f**king head. And oh ... Donna Brazile feeding questions to HRC. No Mind. You would think HRC campaign would say "No, we don't cheat" BUT THEY DO. HRC has always cheated. Always did, Always will. Democrats put party first before Country."(sic)

I have not bothered to publish this “refuses to be identified” hatred ridden Trump supporter’s frequent comments. I am not sure whether he wishes to make a political point or is focusing his anger at me.
I am posting AH’s latest because there is even locally a portion of our population so embittered with racial and/or religious hatred who typifies a major portion of those who would want the leadership of this nation to be in the hands of a Demagogue.
Thomas L Freidman in today’s Times wrote: “Yes, Hillary Clinton is a flawed leader — but in the way so many presidents were. We know her flaws: She has a weakness for secrecy, occasionally fudges truths, has fawning aides and a husband who lacks discipline when it comes to moneymaking and women. But she is not indecent, and that is an important distinction. And she’s studious, has sought out people of substance on every issue and has taken the job of running for president seriously.
Trump is not only a flawed politician, he’s an indecent human being. He’s boasted of assaulting women — prompting 11 to come forward to testify that he did just that to them; his defense is that he could not have assaulted these women because they weren’t pretty enough.”

He’s created a university that was charged with defrauding its students. He’s been charged with discriminating against racial minorities in his rental properties. He’s stiffed countless vendors, from piano sellers to major contractors. He’s refused to disclose his tax returns because they likely reveal that he’s paid no federal taxes for years, is in bed with dodgy financiers and doesn’t give like he says to charity.
He’s compared the sacrifice of parents of a soldier killed in Iraq to his “sacrifice” of building tall buildings. He’s vowed, if elected, to prosecute his campaign rival.
We have never seen such behaviors in a presidential candidate.
At the same time, Trump has shown no ability to talk about any policy issue with any depth. Harlan Coben’s debate-night tweet last month had it right: “On Aleppo he sounds like a fifth grader giving a book report on a book he never read.”
For the complete column paste (

With 6 days to go the mud will fly with many claims that may well be fiction but there will be little time to disprove. The latest from the Trump camp is Bill Clinton had a black son long ago disproved but just resurrected Washington Post. (Wednesday's Opinions: Latest from the Trump conspiracy factory: Bill Clinton’s black son)

Mr. Anon if you read the Times today there is an article on how honest Donnie made his Trump Tower the tallest residential building in NYC (

This is not a blog to praise Clinton, far from it but in my opinion she does not represent a danger to our so called Democracy, and that is why faced with two unfortunate choices she will get my vote.

Anon, if you feel safe in your stance identify yourself and I will print why we should elect Trump. Last Chance!

By the way Anon, do you think that the GOP Senators are not putting party first in not acting on the SCOTUS Judge appointment. It is not a question of qualification or there would be a hearing.


  1. Doc, for whatever reason you seem to think it's just one person who voices disagreement with you on this election. I have posted in the past and you seemed to think another poster on the same thread was me. Just so you know, there are more than one dissenter from the Hillary group think. Feel free not to publish this final message from me.

    1. I have posted many anonymous comments that favored Trump.If you have submitted a comment that disagreed with me on any subject it has been posted.Should the comment be one in a series that I would like to respond to I would like to know to whom I am responding.If the write is sincere about his views unless there is fear of reprisals of some sort he should be mensch enough to have an identity,

      If the language of the comment is as vulgar and vitriolic as the quoted one it has been and will be trashed.

    2. Additional reply to Anon 11:20. I am under no obligation to anyone to publish or not their comments. I normally post every reply pro or con or faulting me but I will not let my blog be the voice for any type of hatred.

  2. Thank you, Doc. If I hadn't left the Republican party years ago, Trump would be the cause now. He is a childish, self-centered, bigot and I don't want a president using his position to poison my children or grand-children. I choose not to go with the hate and the liar-Trump, but to take my chances with a very imperfect Hillary who is thoughtful and acts like a mature adult.