Wednesday, November 23, 2016


 When I wrote “My week started off on a low note” I forgot that the week begins on Sunday. If I had remembered that fact I would have written that “My week began on a high for Sunday night I attended a meeting  of Better Together” a group  interested in civil rights and relationships.

This group consisting of senior citizens and high school students  from the Townships of Scotch Plains/Fanwood and the membership of Temple Sholom.  Interested members of other area Jewish organizations or residents are invited to attend.

This year the focus is on Civil Rights. The project is funded by a grant for one year and depending on sufficient participation the grant may be renewed for another year.

Although the weather was horrendous at least a half dozen high school students from both the community and the Temple attended with about 10 total Senior citizens for the hour and half discussion.

Since the Civil Rights movement began over 70 years ago none of the youths had any concept of its origins and most of the elders had no appreciation of conditions in either the South or the North.

Some of the youths were quiet verbal in expressing their feeling on the meaning of the movement, and its viability today.

I felt that this type program has merit and potentiality for the high schoolers in today’s world where there is some much racial, ethnic, economic, and religious tensions.

Back to Trumpism. His two Cabinet appointments this Wednesday; Nikki Haley as UN ambassador and Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education is most encouraging. The jury will still be out up to Jan. 20 as to an indication as to what kind of government we can expect.

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