Thursday, November 17, 2016


Regarding yesterday’s “My Concerns” blog as well as all the recent ones since 11/8 I would like to explain that I do not want to seem to be a “doom monger”.

My hope is that my fears will never come to fruition. After all this nation has survived the likes of Nixon (70s), Joe. McCarthy (50s) and Father Coughlin (30s).

Nixon was the apostle of autocratic government. McCarthyism tainted many unjustly as communists.

Father Coughlin one of the first to understand the power of radio in the 30s preached antisemitism, support of the policies of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito. Up to thirty million listeners tuned to his weekly broadcasts during the 1930s. The broadcasts have been called "a variation of the Fascist agenda applied to American culture.

Since I lived through these eras and because of Hitler who had promised to return “Germany to its Glory” –sounds familiar; at that time of economic turmoil despite his not being favored by a majority of Germans, Hindenburg the President appointed Chancellor of Germany. The outcome; millions of people died and I spent two years in Europe away from my wife and babies being shot at. I consider my concerns not fears- to be legitimate.

This is why I have harped on Trump and to date much has happened to strengthen my concerns. I will not dwell on this subject but return to it as I seem fit.

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