Friday, November 4, 2016


This is the first of what should be three postings relative to the election candidates. Please read all before making a final judgement.

We cannot deny that Hillary Clinton is a very flawed individual. Whether her transgressions are greater than any career politician is open to question. How many have made false claims like the “we came under fire”? Some have cost careers.

Hillary’s true black list that should cause concern about her character include the following with comments extracted from the October 28, 2016 posting of an ATLANTIC article. From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

The Emails The infamous using of a private server while Secretary of State. “The original “oh shit” moment concerned an out-of-date server that was housed at a facility in New Jersey. In December 2014, Clinton aide Cheryl Mills asked someone to delete the old messages. Apparently he didn’t do so. 

Then, in March 2015, The New York Times reported the existence of the email setup. The next day, a House committee on Benghazi requested the preservation of any records. Despite that, an unnamed staffer, realizing he had not followed Mills’s instructions, deleted anyway:”

“Clinton seemed to have only a faint understanding of the process of classification and what was and was not classified, nor was she apparently trained when she joined State from the U.S. Senate:”
“She also said she was unaware of the requirement that she turn over her emails when she left office, which she said might be due in part to a concussion she suffered in 2012:”

“Clinton used a remarkable 13 mobile devices to access her email account, including eight separate BlackBerrys during her time as secretary of state. None of the 13 could be located for inspection,****. (Clinton apparently often got new BlackBerrys and then decided she liked the old ones better.) She also used five iPads to access her account.”

“Clinton had used a personal email account while secretary of state. It turned out she had also been using a private server, located at a house in New York. The result was that Clinton and her staff decided which emails to turn over to the State Department as public records and which to withhold; they say they then destroyed the ones they had designated as personal.”

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Cheryl Mills worked for Clinton on an unpaid basis for four months while also working for New York University. Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin’s status at State changed to “special government employee,” allowing her to also work for Teneo, a consulting firm run by Bill Clinton’s former right-hand man. She also earned money from the Clinton Foundation and was paid directly by Hillary Clinton. A top Clinton Foundation donor named Rajiv Fernando was placed on State’s International Security Advisory Board. Doug Band, a Foundation official, tried to put a donor in touch with a State Department expert on Lebanon and to get someone a job at Foggy Bottom.

“Blumenthal was a top aide in the second term of the Bill Clinton administration **** He served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and when she took over the State Department, she sought to hire Blumenthal” Because he had offended Obama during the 2008 campaign his appointment was blocked “, so Clinton just sought out his counsel informally. At the same time, Blumenthal was drawing a check from the Clinton Foundation”

THE FOUNDATION: Since the” Clintons, who left the White House up to their ears in legal debt, lucrative speeches—mostly by the former president—proved to be an effective way of rebuilding wealth. They have also been an effective magnet for prying questions. Where did Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton speak? How did they decide how much to charge? What did they say? How did they decide which speeches would be given on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, with fees going to the charity, and which would be treated as personal income? Are there cases of conflicts of interest or quid pro quos—for example, speaking gigs for Bill Clinton on behalf of clients who had business before the State Department?”

“Overall, however, the essential questions about the Clinton Foundation come down to two, related issues. The first is the seemingly unavoidable conflicts of interest: How did the Clintons’ charitable work intersect with their for-profit speeches? How did their speeches intersect with Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department? Were there quid-pro-quos involving U.S. policy? Did the foundation steer money improperly to for-profit companies owned by friends?”

Clinton’s scandal history: there are any number of past scandals that continue to float around, especially in conservative media: Whitewater. Troopergate. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. Travelgate. Vince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick. Some are wholly spurious (Foster). Others (Lewinsky, Whitewater) have been so exhaustively investigated it’s hard to imagine them doing much further damage to Hillary Clinton’s standing. In fact, the Lewinsky scandal famously boosted her public approval ratings. But the January 2016 resurfacing of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegations offers a test case

Because of the length of this posting Trump’s negatives will follow separately either this evening late or early in the morning -Saturday.

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