Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Christie says that he will finish his term as Governor and not seek a position in Trump’s administration! According to all reports he has no choice; he has been purged by Trump’s insiders including Trump’s son-in-law.

Is this America’s 1933? More and more it reflects that era in Germany History. (//  )
 The only reason that I am unhappy Clinton lost is that the far more menacing demagogue was elected President.

 Up to this week I had hopes that campaign rhetoric were just talk and that his policies as President would not threaten us as individuals. 

Unfortunately this  past week’s appointments and the disastrous potentialities of Giuliani as Secretary of State; plus the suggestion of a purge of those members of his circle that have feuded with Bannon and Trump’s son-in- law points to a path that reminds me of the 90 days after Hitler’s  Jan 30, 1933 appointment as Chancellor. (;utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Flash%20nov%2016&utm_term=Flashpoints )

From yesterday’s Times:"While we await the announcement of Mr. Trump’s picks for glamour jobs such as secretary of state and attorney general, one Cabinet post seems to hold considerably less appeal: secretary of Homeland Security. Some of Mr. Trump’s inner circle are said to have turned their noses up at the possibility of assuming that post.
There are a couple of reasons. The Department of Homeland Security, which consists of an assortment of independent security agencies put under one umbrella after the Sept. 11 attacks, is difficult to manage and has a lot of internal rivalries. The new secretary will also be responsible for implementing the administration’s immigration and border security plan — potentially a very difficult task. And, of course, the secretary is responsible for the Transportation Security Administration, not a favorite among conservatives.

Trump did not receive a mandate; his victory was only by a few voted in key states and not the national majority. As the Washington Poat remarked” Nationally, just 3 in 10 Americans — 29 percent — say he has a mandate to carry out the agenda he presented during the campaign, while 59 percent say he should compromise with Democrats when they strongly disagree with the specifics of his policy proposals”

 Our vigilance is needed not acquiescence to prevent the possibility of a personal police state. I hope I am crying wolf, but fear otherwise.

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