Tuesday, October 18, 2016


After Monday’s great day Tuesday was a weird anti-climax. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning which was what I felt to be an unnecessary FU for a change in medication.

To my surprise instead of the usual 30+ minute wait they took me in to the inner sanctum after about 10 minutes. The NP asked her few computer questions and told me the doctor would be in shortly. Shortly was about one hour in a bare room. The Doctor’s personal visit was 5 minutes.

Since he is one of the few who have not joined a Hospital affiliated group or a large independent group such as the Summit group, I cannot blame Obama care.

After lunch I got sidetracked trying to correct the amount of mandatory deductions I must take this year from my retirement IRAs. I had changed several small ones into a single large one,
I hope to do better Wednesday while waiting for the big confrontation.

Of interest to me is the WSJ is now predicting a low voter turnout blaming it on the fact that too many have become disenchanted with both candidates and the mood of the campaign.

The WSJ also had  two interesting comments on its OPINION page.  op-ed.http://ereader.wsj.net/?

In addition both the WSJ and the Times had editorials that are worth looking up on the internet.

Enjoyable pictures that came through the Internet 

The top one is lightning striking the Eiffel Tower and the bottom one is the Sein River in Paris.

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