Sunday, October 23, 2016


15 days until the election. One week to a bastard combined Council meeting. Fall has arrived with a bang. A sports buff would not know that winter is approaching; we can still watch baseball, it’s the middle of the football season, soccer is still in progress and we have already started the hockey schedule with pro basketball on the ticked starting this week followed in a few weeks with the college game.

This is grocery shopping day and despite the football games on TV that takes precedence over everything including bog writing.

Yesterday our Trump gave his Lincoln Gettysburg Address. Well it was supposed to be a major policy speech, however the scrip went out the window. Instead he ranted on how the election was rigged and berated the media for being against him. He called the stories of his assaulting women as lies and promised that the day after election , that is November 9th he will  be in court to sue each one of them. I suppose he means after he is elected which is a  despots tactic; punish your enemies.

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