Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I regret that by the time I was able to return home today it was after 2pm and I ate lunch, scanned the newspapers and started on my email.

Dawg insisted on attention and by the time I could read the first few it was after 3pm

Fatigue caught up with me so I took a half hour plus nap. Now after 5pm I will have to prepare for dinner but first must spend time with Dawg.

Although most pundits feel that if there was a winner of the VP debate, it would be Pence due to his demeanor, not because he defused Koine’s charges about Trump’s statements. He ignored most of them.

My own feelings fall back on the last question where both extremely religious individuals acknowledged that their personal beliefs were the right of life. The difference was that Kaine said he would not permit his religious feelings to be imposed on the public whereas Pence felt that he had to act on his.

Meanwhile I again posted a comment to my blog "A Reply" by an individual who has no more gumption than a pansy  since he will not let me know who he /she is so that I can understand where he is coming from. His latest comment is that I am repeating a lie by calling Trump “Hitler”. I do not believe I did that but I have repeatedly said that his bombastic demography reminds me of how Hitler gained power.

Hitler’s mass public meetings where he razed all sorts of issue including returning Germany to the glory of before WW1 gained him a large following of the “unhappy”

No he never said he would kill all the Jews or invade Poland-before he was appointed prime minister. He did appeal to the bigotry of those who needed a whipping boy similar to Trump’s “rapist Mexicans”.

Once Trump took office the Nazis staged the Reichstag fire to blame the Communists and Hitler declared the equivalent of Martial law seizing complete power.

I have never said that Trump would do that but his Presidential campaign reminds me of Hitler’s rise to power.

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