Sunday, October 9, 2016


As a supplement to my previous blog “a lament” regarding the Bill of Rights and freedom of worship. I noted that the 1ST Amendment was written when the nation was almost 100% Christian.  It was written to protect virus Christian sects, not other religions per se.

Between 1560 & 1715 there was tremendous religious conflicts in Europe with Luther’s reformation and the emergence of other Protestant groups as well as the established Catholic Church,

The early Colonists had come to flee persecution of their own sect from the ruling branch of Christianity in their country.
Each State had a different form of Christianity and most did not tolerate any variation.

The 1st Amendment was to protect those in any state from a powerful different religious group having power in the Federal Government from imposing its brand of Christianity. 

SCOTUS by  defining it to mean that you can not force your religion on me nor can I force mine on you. This was extended to include by inference all non Christian religions.

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