Friday, October 14, 2016


72 years ago in December 1944 I was knee deep in the snows of the Ardennes as a “noncombatant” battalion medical officer. 71 years ago in March I was sitting in a jeep which filled the inside of a glider going through  flack on the way to a combat landing in Germany.(

Did I ask to be in those places? No, but I was fulfilling my citizenship responsibility in a fight to protect the world from all the evils of dictatorial rule including genocide, hatred, etc. as manifested by Hitler’s Nazis as well as enslavement  and misogyny as practiced by the Japanese.

Why do I recall such a horrible world? Because there are events today that are so similar that history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Putin’s Russia is challenging the world with its aggressions and subterfuges that is only acting on the will of its ethnic individuals who have been forcibly separated from their home land. Is Obama this generations Chamberlain?

At home we have an election in 3 weeks. In the 1930s Hitler drew mass meetings of many thousands has he preached making Germany great5 again as it was before the Versailles treaty  ending WW1.Needing whipping boys for those unhappy Germans that he was appealing to in used the Communists and Jews as the cause of all of Germany’s ‘economic woes.

Sound familiar? Trump boasts of the thousands who turnout for his rally’s. He blames the Mexicans and the Muslims for all the civil disturbances that are part of our daily life. His "tour de force” is that “He is going to make America great again” He publicly browbeats others and his misogyny is overwhelming. Without specifically calling for violence against others and even the government he subliminally encourages those actions.

He is a danger which we must recognize and prevent. This past weekend in our county there was an incident typical of the “Brown Shirts”; the painting of Nazi crosses on the house of the Democrat candidate for Congress against the Republican incumbent. The fact that his name is Jacob could have been the trigger. Trump has not disavowed the support of KKK members such as Duke.

Hillary the alternate choice is only a little better. She is a true Clinton complete with the package of obfuscation, cynicism, being above the law, etc.

If the Republicans had nominated anyone not beholden to their religious right wing right to lifers I would vote Republican. However there is such a potential danger from Trump that for my vote to count I have little choice. 

The cartoonists have captured the spirit of the times.

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