Friday, October 28, 2016


Sorry folks I keep falling asleep  either at the computer or while  watching  the “tapes” of TV programs I did not have time to watch; and thus my blog on the status of healthcare never seems to be written.

I have collect some long news articles but have not had the time to collate and condense the information. Suffice to say the trend that started with the HMOs and has progressed by the ACA has turned health care into a for profit business.

When physicians became “providers” instead of doctors and nonprofit hospitals expanded into profit making enterprises the quality of care the consumer (I mean patient) received deteriorated.

Today the large merged hospital chains are dominating the market place because they can make deals with insurers and government agencies that squeeze the independent hospital out of the insurance companies preferred institution for patients. JFK is a local example and as rumor goes is now seeking a buyer,

JFK is surrounded not only by the large RWJBarnabas group which now includes Rahway and Somerset hospitals, but also the Atlantic Health System to the north(Overlook, Morristown), Meridian Health System (Perth Amboy etc.) to the south which is rumored seeking a union with the  Hackensack University System.

JFK was left out of Horizon’s first level providers.

I am ignoring for now that the individual or independent small group physicians are like the dodo bird. Over 60 % of doctors are now salaried mostly by hospitals and hospital affiliated groups. There are a few large non-hospital independent groups such as the Summit Group which competes with the AHS affiliates.

I have not mentioned the overt for profit hospital chains which have taken root in this state, and are the future of institutional health care.
The fact is that today’s health care is dependent on money and the battle between the insurance companies and the hospital conglomerates. More on this subject and the government’s legal impact as well as the election issues next.

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