Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Boy was I and all the pundits off base when I predicted that the public would recognize Trump for the ego centered buffoon that he is.

Obviously once again common sense is lost by an electorate that is embittered with politicians in power, fueled by personal hatreds and agendas.

The early “debates” were designed to make the most out of controversial candidates who would draw the biggest audience, Ratings count. They were
more like press conferences full of loaded questions and tended to exclude the stage fringe participants to a point where anyone good was forced to quit.

Bush had foot in mouth disease and Rubio vacillated with the wind. Cruz played with the far right wing which would restrict many of our freedoms.
Now we are left with Hillary whose tract record from her days in Arkansas is murky at best and remotely Sanders who would give away the farm and appeals to those who want everything at your expense.

If Trump’s appeal did not remind me of Hitler while in Munich before he got into power I would be satisfied with him. But once again the danger of a police state is possible.

Sitting out the election is not an option. One must vote for the person not party who one believes is best for the country and all citizens regardless of color, religion and ethnicity.
I hope I have removed all the duplications that took place in transferring from word to the posting. 


  1. Doc, comparing Trump to Hitler? I may have to read everything you write with a grain of salt.

    1. Two grains of salt are OK. However google Hitlers speeches in Munich before he became prime minister and took over the government. His appeal was to make Germany great again. reverse the conditions of the peace agreement. get rid of non German ethnics etc. Doesn't Trump sound like that?

    2. Not really.
      The anti trump groups calling for riots and violence seem more like the Nazis. And a good deal of them are not even US citizens or Legal Immigrants.

    3. Any group calling for mob violence is dangerous for our safety and independence.However Trump as a potential President has appealed to American citizens to use violence against those who opposed him as well as eliminating other ethnic groups.

    4. Forgive my ignorance, but what ethnic groups has he called for elimination of? Islam is an ideology so therefore Muslims are not an ethnic group. And he is not calling for their demise.
      He has said nothing against Mexicans or Central Americans here legally, just the ones who broke the law and are here without the permission of the US govt.

    5. And as far as African Americans go, he and Carson are the only two candidates from either party that have addressed unemployment in the black community.