Wednesday, May 11, 2016


In about three weeks we will v ote3 in the New Jersey primary elections which are party specific. The Democrat Presidential race should have been settled by then with the California elections so it will be no factor locally.

The real importance of the primary election locally lies in that of the Democrat party in which the Candidates that win the Council races is tad amount to being elected in November. The Republican Party is no factor locally.

With that in mind, I believe that the official candidates nominated by the Plainfield Democrat Committee are the best choices. Indeed I would vote straight line A except for Sanders since I feel Clinton has too much baggage, Sanders of course is not going to be the Candidate and his socialism is economically dangerous.

I cannot vote in the Third Ward but the difference between the two is so astronomically great that it should be no contest.

Rebecca Williams the sitting 2nd/3rd Wards Councilor has constantly demonstrated her concern for all of the residents of Plainfield that she should officially represent the Community at Large.

Tracy Brown has been an adequate representative but too often her other commitments have prevented her from attending and too often she has adopted an anti-mayor position without explanation. If Williams was not running for that office I might have considered Brown but overall Plainfield will be better with Williams as the At Large Councilor.

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