Sunday, May 8, 2016


Something strange occurred about noon Sunday, a strange yellow light began to replace the grey that we have known for the past week.

A quick review of the agenda for Monday’s Council, meeting is reminiscent of BOA meetings. After the opening of the meeting and several routine proceedings the Council goes into Executive Session to discuss personal Matters! Why could that not have been done before the regular meeting time? Is this Council going to have a policy of inconveniencing the public?

The Ordinances for second reading and Resolution should be passed as fast as the Chairperson can read them.

However there are two Resolutions on the Consent Agenda whose presence is questionable.

R169-16 is for an expenditure of 40K for another legal firm’s employment. The amount should make it an item of separate consideration. Also how many legal firms are under contracts for services to this city? What is the total expenses of the Corporation Counsel’s office? How much of our budget is spent on legal costs including settlements?

The other Resolution R165-16 may have been offered with good intent since its Resolve states that of this City to become more knowledgeable about the contributions made by the Muslim Americans of Plainfield; and

BE IT RESOLVED, that a duly executed copy of this resolution be forwarded to the schools and libraries in this City of Plainfield to encourage their participation in the teaching of the historical contributions of Muslims in American History, the New Jersey Historical Commission, Division of the State Library, New Jersey Department of Education in Trenton, New Jersey and to each Municipal Clerk in Union County.

As THIS Resolution is presented it seems to me that it is a violation of the principle of separation of Church and State.IE the First amendment of the Constitution. I have never seen any Council resolution memorializing Easter or Christmas or Yom Kippur or any Hindu religious holy days despite the contributions members of those religions have contributed to the history of Plainfield.

The authorship of this resolution is not identified.

Recent surgery prevents me from attending this meeting but I am sure that the ACLU would find it illegal.


  1. This Resolution is counter productive. It will foment animosities. If you attempt to display the 10 commandments in City Hall, or the Court House, it will be removed and you could be arrested. How does that wash with a government entity issuing Resolution that promulgates the precepts of a religion to the exclusion of all other religions, and for that matter, non-religious advocates? This initiative is at best bizarre and very probably illegal. Who initiated this? Why? Bill Kruse

  2. Obviously an underhanded and illegal political statement to garner favor and votes for HRC ... more of an anti-Trump message.