Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Three recent developments related to the ACA now in its 6th year may give impetus to changes in its scope.

The first one and of importance to those who purchase their insurance through the exchanges is that many will be facing limited or no choice for 2017. Carriers are raising their rates and in at least three states there will be only one carrier offering insurance. In about 665 Counties in the USA at present there is only one carrier.

The second happening is the ruling of a USW Circuit Judge that the Feds have improperly if not illegally funded subsidies to carriers in order for them to offer low premiums. He has put a hold on this ruling pending further court review before stopping such payments

And the third, a very interesting one, SCOTUS unanimously refused to rule on the question if religious  entities  had to included mandatory contraception provisions in the contracts they provided for their employees. This was referred back to the Circuit Courts to “work out a compromise”.

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  1. At the rate our politicians are going, we will be in as good a shape as Venezuela in no time at all!
    Good thing they don't have to pay full price for theirs!