Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This is my second week of almost daily am appointments and very littlerm to write about on the home front. Two national subjects,the Presidential race and Health Care require too much time to express my feelings in space for a blog. They will come, but today's cartoons

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  1. Apparently all the hoopla about the primaries have brought the dead back to life. David Goldstein of KCBS in California has uncovered the fact that at least 265 formerly dead voters are voting again and that's just in CA!
    also Documentarian Jo Anne Livingston has been working with her husband, Luke, to take a comprehensive look at the ongoing border crisis as experienced by the illegals themselves. After numerous interviews, she recently reported a number of astounding revelations that only confirm some long-held suspicions among conservatives.

    Most notably, she indicated that “witness after witness after witness” asserted that they were given voter registrations prior to the 2012 election and sent to states without voter identification laws.

    Upon receiving the instruction, Livingston explained, they were informed that unless they “show up and vote the democratic [sic] ticket, they would be arrested and deported.”