Sunday, April 1, 2012


An anonymous source supposedly in the inner circle of the local party has tip me off that after a high level pow wow designed to limit the scope of the state DOCA investigation of the PMUA from spreading beyond the 1 million dollar payoff to include the city administration; the Mayor has been persuaded to submit her resignation.

The city charter provides that:
In the event of the death, resignation or disqualification of the mayor, there shall be a vacancy in the office which shall be filled by election for the remainder of the unexpired term at the next general election occurring not less than 60 days after the occurrence of the vacancy. The office shall be filled by the acting mayor until the qualification of the person so elected.

The rumor is that that Council President Mapp will assume the office as provided above. If this takes place early tomorrow and Mapp intends to run for the unexpired term in November there will be time for the Committee to place another name on the line for the 3rd Ward Council seat .

There is also a legal question as to the status of all in the administration who serve at the will of the Mayor for the duration of the Mayors term. Although here will be 8 months before a duly elected Mayor can be seated it is anticipated that there will be no major upheaval.

The person who passed this information to me intimated that it was the Assemblyman's hope that this will create a much needed stability in the local government and help restore his creditability in Trenton.

Is not today April 1st ?


  1. Pat Turner KavanaughApril 1, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    Old Doc: you and Dan are a little too obvious. Keep up the good work. Did you notice the mayor earned all of us in Plainfield one of 10 coveted spots in The Lerdger's new quiz today? Way to go, mayor.

  2. Nice april fools. Only we could hope.

  3. The PMUA drew attention to itself 3 years ago when it dramatically increased rates. Rather than initiating reforms the PMUA "dug in", unrepentant. Mr. Green, who attended a protest meeting at the library shortly after the rate increase,was aware of the ground surge of discontent. During these last 3 years there have been Commissioner vacancies. Rather than nominating individuals who would bring some skills and new views to the organization the nominees were consistently retreads from former and on-going inner circle candidates.It is unlikely that any of these nominees, and certainly not the recently appointed Sanders and Dunn,were nominated without Mr. Green's endorsement. Whether Mr. Green knew of, or knowing of, but not anticipating the ramifications of, the Million Dollar hand out, is uncertain. In any event, once the consequences of this travesty became apparent, Mr. Green came to the following realizations:

    1. The scheduled investigation could result in, at a minimum, the censure of the 3 PMUA Commissioners responsible for the payout,all of whom are no strangers to Mr. Green and are in fact part of his organization.
    2. While Mr. Green identifies himself as a State official, it is well recognized that Plainfield is his Home turf. The dysfunctional conduct of the City Government, exacerbated by the performance of the PMUA, and the fiscal irresponsibility of its Commissioners, all redound, right or wrong. to Mr. Green, diminishing his stature in the Assembly.
    3.Mr. Green has a revulsion to the prospect of an investigation with a Republican Governor in office. Perhaps because Mr. Green is not optimistic about controlling the fallout from any adverse findings?
    4. Skeletons? What there may be in the PMUA's closet, and whether there are a few which may be disinterred from City Hall's closet, should the investigation enlarge may be significant.

    It is apparent that in order to extinguish the pending investigation something dramatic was required. The obvious solutions are to obtain the Mayor's resignation, and commence the PMUA dissolution process. This enables Plainfield to say to the DOCA, " you need not come, we are cleaning up our soiled laundry".

    The proposed investigation should proceed with the hope that the remaining payments to the "Retirees" can be cancelled, previous payments recovered, and whatever censures that may be appropriate applied. Bill Kruse