Saturday, April 14, 2012


I was hoping to have a quiet weekend from Plainfield politics and the news in general. That was before Saturday late I read Jerry’s late posted Friday’s opprobrious blog “My Response to Doc.”.

Normally I would tend to ignore it as being in character .However, I noW feel that it needs a response paragraph by paragraph. It is true that such an enterprise will be a long one; therefore I shall break it down into several segments over a few days If there is something that is requiring a current commentary; that will take precedence. No the less I may continue with another portion of this response the same day.

But before I start I would like to call attention to the fact that a few days ago in a posting COMMENTARY ON GREEN'S LETTER I offered the Assemblyman space on my blog to clarify any misstatements I attribute to him.

However since he chose to use his own blog I am copying the paragraphs in blue type and my responses will be in Black

Jerry’s “Response” I am shocked that someone would put this misleading information out to the community. That Doc would choose today, to compare me to Frank Hague, and suggest that I am a criminal, just shows where his priorities are”.

Sorry I did not compare you to Hague who not only was a state power but also had a national bang sufficient to help elect FDR by assuring him of New Jersey. Hague delivered the votes

I did write:” We do not have a Hague here but Plainfield does have the Chairperson of the local Democrat Party who has autocratic powers. Even though there is a committee meeting to select candidates, no one’s name is on the Party line at the primary election without his stamp of approval. No one is appointed to a Board without the party head’s initiative or OK”

I fail to see how that accuses Jerry of being a criminal. When was the last time anyone who was opposing the party chair at the time of selection received the party line for the primary election? That the chair should support the winner of the primary befits his role. He may have to eat crow but he can not oppose the peoples elected choice.

"People write what they want, but I have no respect for people like Doc who are constantly negative and very close to crossing the line. As hard he tries to show that he is not a true member of the Republican tea party, he really baffles me. He’s said himself that he’s only a Democrat to participate in our primaries".

When has Jerry ever respected anyone who questioned his actions? On "crossing the line" it is he who is coming close to libel.

The Republican tea party represents a segment of American politics that except for its position that there is too much federal government I believe would negate not only the First Amendment but the very principles of separation of Church and State expounded in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Instead I have for decades supported the (1) Peoples for the American Way, (2) Americans United for the Church and State, (3) the Interfaith Alliance, (4) the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as the NAACP among others

I am a firm believer in women’s rights and the need for a "Living Will" so that life cannot be artificially prolonged without the individual’s wishes.

I make no effort to deny that I did change my party registration form Republican to Democrat. I did so because the only way I can exercise my right to have a choice in local elections is at the Primary time When is the last time that any Republican stood the slightest chance of being elected to a Plainfield or even County office at the General November election?

I will submit that I am a true Independent at General election time and vote for the candidate I feel best upholds the public interest. I have voted for many Democrat Senators, Representatives and Governors than Republicans when they represent those who fit my Centralist views. This has also been applicable at Presidential elections. I would no more vote for Carter than I would for Nixon. These are however facts that you must take my word.

This represents only the first 2 out of 6 paragraphs in Greens blog. All the others merit an equal in depth response that is why I shall have to do so I several parts.

I have been unable to correct the change in type face

The text of J's blog are in "blue"in my draft and when previewed. The gremlins may have gotten the color


  1. Hi Doc,

    I read both blogs, but haven't seen that you called Jerry a criminal, but I have heard others who think he is. Everyone has an opinion. Like you, I vote for the best candidate and often it is not a Democrat. Jerry gets what Jerry wants and that's a fact. Keep up the good work and don't back down. Thanks.

  2. Jerry Green is embarrassment for any democrat. He is the man behind the uninformed and motley crew of elected officials serving the city of Plainfield. He has his hands in the school board and every facet of the city he is ridiculously shameless. Don't let him "bully" you!!!!