Sunday, April 1, 2012


It is April 1 and March Madness should be over. However there is one more evening left and typically with MM it is shared with a more important event; the Council’s Agenda Setting Session. That will be my priority despite our political leader’s insistence that a basketball game is more important than a public affairs meeting.

A look at the agenda suggests that it should be a long meeting but one can be fooled. It is difficult to predict the magnitude of talk on the two “Discussion items;(a) Municipal Court- Outstanding Violations, and (b)Pay-to-Play reform as well as the two Unfinished business items; (1)PMUA Task Force-recommendations and (2) Economic Development update.

If all Council members are present the PMUA should produce a spirited debate. The outstanding violations the Municipal Court” I expect will consume only a limited time.

That leaves 2 Ordinances for Second Reading, 5 Ordinances for First Reading and some 36 potential Resolutions plus perhaps one or two that will b e introduced during the session.

One Ordinance for 2nd reading and enactment deals with the finger printing and criminal research of all employed by Bars. Since this was tabled at the last meeting because the local bar owners protested that they were not informed about the provisions in this Ordinance and feared as written it would make it impossible to obtain staff. I have not read it to see if there has been any revisions, but would assume there were none since if changes were made from the first reading it becomes a different animal and probably should go through the 1st reading/2nd Reading process again.

Of the 5 new ones; 3 are Bond Ordinances: Bond 1252 is for appropriating $8,252,000.00 for road improvement and issuing bonds for $7,857,00.00 for the financing.

Bond Resolution 1253 cancels an appropriation of $2,674,182.70 that are no longer needed from an earlier bond issue and transferring the funds to Capital Surplus and then appropriating the sum to be used for Road Improvement.

Since these two Ordinances are related and to one who is unfamiliar with municipal financing it would seem that there is a total of $10,926,182.70 being designated for Roads. How is that accounted for in the budget?

The Third new Bond Ordinance amends Bond Ordinance 1245(Sept 08) as amended by Bond Ordinance 1246 (July 09). Since these were not available on the city’s site I am unfamiliar with the context.

Of the 36 Resolutions; 22 are Consent Agenda material and two are related to the new Bond Ordinances which leaves 12 of interest.

#K is the adoption of a long overdue Cash management Plan.

#J is a corrective action plan from the recommendations of the FY 2011 audit to be submitted to the DOLGS. It is extensive and will be of interest if track is kept of the progress in following through if approved.

#L Adoption of temporary budget for May 2012

#M amends Resolution 279-11 to reflect the appropriate budget code number for the auditors. I did not read it and do not know if there are any fund changes.

S, U, and V, W: deal with contracts and seem to have been awarded through the bidding process.

#E is from the Corporation Council and is to approve and authorizing the settlement of a suit against the City and Police Department in the amount of #80,000.00. The amount while large is not as important as the claim for “disrespectful treatment and hostile environment” One wonders what corrective action was taken in regards to what seems to be a serious complaint as well as the true nature of the complaint.

#F Is approval of the list of qualified vendors. The resolution and contends were not in the resource material Saturday.

This overlong blog may suffice for one Monday AM.

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