Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Although I was otherwise occupied; March Madness ended Monday night as predicted. Wednesday. Tomorrow the Baseball season starts although two games have been officially played in Japan. Of course NHL and NBA are still going strong with their true and second season starting. Spring College football practice is in full swing.

The political campaign for the Presidency is in full swing with three critical primaries today. The candidates for local office have filed and we will have 8 weeks of rhetoric ahead, and then 5 months until the general elections. What can be wrong with the world?

Of course in the background continues worldwide incidents of genocide; armed rebellions against civil right restrictive despots many with theocratic influence. All these are foreign to us in America so except for the pride of oil we can ignore; or can we?

However locally Oz remains OZ. The crux of the PMUA hour long discussion last night has been covered in detail today in Plain talker II and Councilor Storch has posted the 4 Resolutions click here which the Council will have on the agenda for voting next week Councilor Rivers via speaker phone objected to all basically because the Mayor was not consulted. AS expected Councilors Reid and Grieves expressed negative feelings but did not prevent these four important resolutions from being on Monday night’s agenda. Bring your Velcro vests.

On the positive side since City Manager has just recently assumed his position our recent Temporary City Manager has agreed to aid as a consultant in the process. His know how will be invaluable and perhaps we will have a no frills need oriented budget ready for adoption.

An Ordinance requiring all employees of bars to have fingerprints on record and part of their hiring procedure was withdrawn by the Council and the request of Administration. It was not known if there had been any changes from the wording which resulted in its tabling last month.

Also tabled at the administration’s request was a resolution to amend the “budget code number and authorization of Suplee, Clooney & Co. as auditors at the administration’s request

More to come

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