Monday, April 16, 2012


This is the third and last segment of my commentary on Jerry Green’s “My Response to Doc”. As I have done from the start Jerry’s words are in Blue. There have been some exceptions and also unplanned changes when the text was transferred from “Word” to the blog for posting.
The Mayor makes appointments, and the Council gives their advice and consent. Sometimes they ask my opinion. Most times they do whatever they want. That’s their right as elected officials. The people they appoint make up their own mind, and hire who they want. To suggest that I am running around the City trying to get people patronage jobs or control everything is silly. I’m serving the people of the 22nd Legislative District, including Plainfield. You should ask the City Council how those commissioners got there, and how many of their friends got hired.
OK Jerry, instead of my asking the Council members; how about every elected official and Commissioner list their prior appointments and/or elected offices in the City or County governments. They should also list relationships to others who hold City or County jobs-elected or otherwise including personal business as well as family bonds. For completeness this should include party leadership posts.
Regarding your serving Plainfield as an Assemblyman; it would seem from your postings the past year that you have a very close relationship with Clark.
You find one elected or appointed individual in the city of Plainfield to honestly say I ever told them to do something, forced them to do something. It’s ridiculous. It is time that Doc stops making these statements, and if he doesn’t, I’m going to make sure he does not step over the line into libel and slander. Its one thing to criticize an elected official for doing something wrong, but unless you can prove your accusations, you shouldn’t make them. And they have the same right as anyone else to challenge the false information.
Although I never recall stating that you told or forced some one to do something. That would be impossible to prove. However the public impression that you are the all powerful party leader and almost perpetual Chair of the local party could suggest that an individual’s political future would always be dependent on your good will.
I agree with you; every one “has a right to challenge false information”
You accuse me of accusing some elected official of doing something wrong. Was that for something criminal, improper, or ill advised since I do not remember doing so once again I would ask you for your specific references. I may then be able to defend myself if I did something you consider wrong and did not apologize publicly for my error.
Doc, people like you have set the City of Plainfield back 50 years and I have yet to see you do anything positive for the community. You have spent far more time trying to destroy my reputation then speak on the good things myself, or others, have done for the City. It I so obvious that Ray Charles could see that you choose to try to destroy some people’s careers and let others destroy the City without saying a word.
If only I could set the City back 50 years eliminating the racial and religious bigotry that did exist then. In 1962 Plainfield was the Queen City; the commercial and cultural center of Central New Jersey. It boasted one of the best school systems in the state. It boasted a hospital that provided a quality of care that few medical school hospitals exceeded.
At that time I served as President of the Plainfield Lions Club. We had over 120 members the who met weekly for dinner in the Ballroom of the Park Hotel. Among those who did drop in to speak to us was Eleanor Roosevelt . The club was active in work with the blind,sight conservation and youths among others activities.
The Lions owned and maintained the campsite for the scouts (both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) of Diamond Hill road from before WWII. I was an active member for over 40 years.
As to what else I and others do positive for Plainfield; I submit that the attending Council and “Board” meetings, expressing our concerns are the most positive thing that any citizen can do. If we disagree there may be justification. Certainly it is not us people that have created the economically blighted city we now live in. It is not us people that ignored the PMUA excesses.
I would be most pleased if you would document for us all the positive things that you have accomplished for Plainfield over the last few years. I for one am convinced that you were not active enough in Trenton in trying to preserve our superior medical institution. I am not saying that you abetted the closing of the hospital but many of us saw little evidence of your active opposition.
Assemblyman, throughout this document I have referred to you as “Jerry’ a familiar name since you referred to me as “Doc” a nickname. Since I don’t think we are on such friendly terms to use first names or nicknames please address me as ‘Doctor”. I earned my MD and treated it with respect for over 60 years including serving our country in combat.


  1. Thanks for your efforts, Doc. When politicians stay in office too long or hold a position too long, then there may be misconceptions, or not. Too many politicians have family working in government, most unelected, and many are not qualified for the job they hold. That's the truth, so maybe many politicians would be unwilling to say how many of their friends and relatives got jobs because of their influence. Too bad for us and those who foolishly keep electing them. Thanks again for your good work.

  2. I understand the cycle of change and that everything has a season, however, all change is neither good nor positive. I remember Plainfield as being the Queen City, with flourishing businesses, upscale retailers and plenty of jobs. What happen to change Plainfield to the blighted community it now is. Assemblymen Green has been in office long enough to know the answer to that question. What happen to all the jobs, all the upscale retailers and not to mention the hospital? If we have any hope of turning Plainfield around we need to vote everyone now in City Hall and on Watchung Ave out of office.

  3. Oh Jerry, though doth protest so loud. Seems to me that Doc has hit a nerve / nerves. Good work Doc!

  4. Set the city back fifty years? If only we could! Jerry's record of "stewardship" speaks for itself. Jerry Green's Plainfield of the last fifty years reminds a bit of the part of It's a Wonderful Life where George Bailey sees what would have happened to Bedford Falls if he hadn't have lived.