Sunday, April 15, 2012


To continue my dissection of Jerry’s epistle.

Today, the front page of the Courier reads “Longtime planning board member indicted: Accused of $800,000 in false claims”. Ken Robertson stated in that article, “every one deserves their day in court” and I agree. But, if that was me, Doc would contact the Governor and ask him to call on me to resign from office before I even got a day in court.

Jerry, I know you read my blog daily and if you recall on March 24 I wrote:”I have made no comment about the Trayvon Martin tragedy because I do not have any facts. At this time I can only be subject to my emotions that a great wrong has occurred. That is my first impression and I am sure most of us believe the same thing.
However there are always two sides to every story. Before we have a lynching party we should try to ascertain the facts”

It is belatedly that Zimmerman has been indicted for murder. He will as should be under our laws get his “day in court” That would apply to you also if there were criminal charges levied against you.

Under those circumstances I am sure that there would be no need for me to call the Governor’s office Not only would he not listen to me but I am sure this Satanic Republican Governor would waste no time to call down the third most powerful person in the Legislature.

(Deleted not germane to the subject) The problem in Plainfield today is that when individuals are appointed or elected they do what is good for them and not what’s good for the City. On a day when a longtime member of those boards gets indicted, Doc would rather talk about the Mayor, Council Members, and PMUA. He spent over a year accusing the mayor of misusing $20,000, yet Mr. Fuller was accused of stealing $800,000 and he does not have anything to say about that at all. Doc would rather talk about me being a political boss who puts pressure on people to make decisions.

Perhaps it is unimportant that these “board” members are in this case according to the City Charter: “The Planning Board shall consist of nine (9) members and two (2) alternate members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

I think that if immoral individuals are appointed both Mayor and Council should share responsibility.

if they are elected by an unsuspecting public, perhaps it is the fault of those who nominated them without proper vetting,

Mr. Fulton’s alleged crime was against the Federal Government and is of course reprehensible. It did not occur in the performance of his board duties or affect the city. I first read about it on Friday April 13. If I were going to write about it before your posting that would have been time wise difficult. If you can prove that his presence on the Planning Board encompassed some criminal action that would be of interest to this blogger.

It is not the dollar amount the denotes a crime; it is the intent. The $20,000.00 was not for personal monetary gain, but it violated the laws of the State in several ways by which it was obtained and used. That was the finding of the Independent Investigator. A different inappropriateness-note I did not write crime since the Mayor has not yet been indicted

My personal opinion is that the findings questioned the Mayor’s trust worthiness when it came to administering the city’s finances.

Enough is enough! I cannot and do not tell any official that is elected or appointed in the city of Plainfield what to do. The members of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee are elected by the Democrats of Plainfield at the ballot box. A majority of them chose me to be the Chairman of that body. In that role I help select, with the other municipal chairs in this county, which candidates will receive the support of the Union County Democratic Committee. Whoever wins in June, I support every Democrat come November. My only role is to get Democrats elected. If people seek my counsel, I give it to them. If they don’t, I wish them luck, and support what they do if it’s good for Plainfield.

This I responded to in regards to Jerry’s first paragraph yesterday. The façade of Democracy continues. I am sure that it is a free thinking Committee that; as was the tradition to fill a vacancy on the Council by submitting three names for the Council’s selection in the manner provided in the Charter, submitted Papa Scott. Mama Scott and Junior Scott. Guess which two of the three
backed out of consideration before the Council met to make its choice

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  1. It's not about getting people elected who will be good for Plainfield. It's all about getting people who will fall lockstep with the Union County Democratic Machine. Green can claim otherwise, but it's time everyone wake the heck up and start voting these dems out of office. Why does Plainfield vote democrat? Has it helped?

  2. Pat Turner KavanaughApril 15, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Doc: The Courier ran that Gordon Fuller piece across the entire front page, like the end of WWII, a day after The Ledger had the piece. The Courier treated Fuller that way 1. because it was a day late, and 2. because Fuller has given many years of devoted volunteer service to the City. No good deed goes unpunished. I make con comment on the indictment because I know nothing about it. I do know Plainfield needs volunteers.

  3. Shame Shame Jerry #789. First, Green now wants to tell Doc what he should be posting about, yet Green allows NO comments on his blog. On Friday, the 13th, longtime democratic Secaucus Mayor was sentenced to 30 months in jail for BRIBERY. Did Green post a blog on this? Of course not. The public is fed up and has little trust in government officials because elected officials STAY SILENT when it suits them. How about Wayne Bryant? Has Green ever written about that democratic jailbird?. Of course not. Doesn't fit his agenda AT ALL.

  4. M & E and Union County. Mr. Assembly Green & Pro Temp Speaker: If you are so concerned about Gordon Fuller and his indictment, why don't YOU look into the contract between the County of Union and M & E? Will YOU ask any questions where Union County taxpayers dollars have gone? I DARE YOU. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOU BIG MOUTH IS.

  5. Keep up the good work, Doc. We have to keep these politicians from all parties honest and that's a full time job at best.

  6. I don't blame Jerry Green at all for his behavior. He is simply taking advantage of a Democratic Base that is simply too mindless to ever consider voting for a quality candidate of any other party. Look at the vocal front people for the "NEW" Dems... stood right behind Jerry.. he had to be laughing his butt off watching them all jump in line behind him. j
    Personally I give that man mad props...he found a bunch of fools desperate to follow someone and he plays them like they want to be played and tells them everything they want to hear and doesn't have to worry about doing anything for any of them. Seriously...can you blame the guy???? He'd be walking away from one of the easiest pay checks going, now that would be foolish.

  7. All the new Dems didn't jump behind Jerry or even vote for him, but we need to have some party unity to make any change.

  8. Stop trying to blame the mayor or assemblymen green this guy is CORY STORCH appointment. I dare you to question MR. STORCH DOC. Stop hiding MR> STORCH let's talk about some of the contracts YOU MR STORCH worked with this guy to have pushed through the planning board. LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT DOC. LET'S TALK ABOUT THE TRUTH. I BET MR STORCH IS SOMEWHERE SCARED.

  9. Let's talk about the real facts. Chickens are about to come home to roost. You will see a lot of skeletons jumping out of closets. Mr Storch the railroad, the studies from which plainfield paid heafty amounts of money for. I really hope a strong investigation is done.


  11. Ah ha, the counter attack has surfaced.
    Perhaps 9:22am,11:01am and11:30am have information that I am unaware of at this tome. They may be different ot one person.
    Since my postings are an answer to the Assemblyman's attack on me these three comments are not related to his charges or my reply.I WILL NOT POST ANYMORE ATTACKING COREY STORCH OR NOT RELATED TO THIS SERIES.

  12. I will tell you Doc I don't know who the other anon are but I have been watching the planning board for a long time waiting for this volcano to errupt. my statement that i posted at 9:22am will prove to have some facts to back it up.