Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today’s blog will be a short return to the happenings in OZ.
The fact that a long standing member of the Planning Board has been indicted fro embezzlement of Federal funds is not a reflection on the Board or the City itself. None the less although there has been no evidence of his wrong doing in his municipal office, his character would suggest that at least a cursory review of his actions on the board to rule out any unusual action.

The other local news this past week end was Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow‘s letter to the Council stating that he found no criminal action relating to the Mayor’s part in the WBLS incident.
I am not surprised by this finding since he is the same County Prosecutor who two years ago found nothing wrong with the infamous scarlet letter that many thought was printed on one of the then two color copying machines in City Hall. One of those machines I was told belonged to the Recreation Department which at that time was in conflict with the Council.

The Mayor was supposed to have investigated the affair but I missed her report back to the Council, All I know is that the issue disappeared.

In the mean time is there an active State investigation of the PMUA? If limited to the pay out that should not take too long. If it goes into depth relating to the Authority’s finances that may take months.

Roni Taylor has opened her campaign for the 'At-Large-Council Seat with a blog which Dan Dammon has posted a link on 'Clips". She is not running as a "New Democrat" but as an Independent.. Her campaign team however is headed by Rebecca Williams and Corey Storch. 

This is the second consecutive election where a "New Democrat" has the party line for his ward(s). This should make for an interesting 7+ weeks considering that the party line for the At Large seat is held by the Mayor's minister, Rev Tracy Brown who is at present time a PMUA Commissioner. 

The City Charter prohibits any one from holding two municipal offices at the same time. No wheres does it state that a Candidate for an office that he/she does not hold has to resign from the present post.


  1. Scarlet Letter...??? Why Doc that was resolved..you've just forgotten to take your denial pill today. :-)
    Now..be a good citizen of Plainfield, take your denial pill and pretend it's all ok.

  2. We all know that the county government and its employees are as crooked as the day is long and that expecting any justice from our justice department is not to be expected. I guess we all need a denial pill to not scream at the pure stupidity of it all.

  3. Bob, to call the County government and employees "crooked" is rather strong. It is true that the Union County Watchdog Association has reported many questionable transactions, I do not remember any indictments much less convictions.

  4. It is discouraging to learn Rev. Brown is running for City Council. Especially since, as a PMUA Commissioner, she "just happened" to be absent for the key votes on the $725,000 settlement for Watson and Ervin and Dan Williamson's hiring as Executive Director. Her absence at those critical moments allowed Mr. Sanders, an alternate Commissioner, to vote with Mr. Dunn and Mr. Toliver to approve both measures at the continued expense of the rate payers.

    Clearly she was rewarded by Jerry with the Democratic Party Line for the the At-Large seat in the June primary. Hope springs eternal for the day we will finally have an election in Plainfield not "fixed" by Jerry.

  5. Tom, someone earlier had written that Rev. Brown was out of the country at the time of the meeting. Be that as it may her absence did give Sanders the vote.

  6. It seems Rev. Brown misses a lot of meetings. Will she do that as a City Council member and be like Reid, et al. Let's hope it doesn't get that far.

  7. Nobody ever mentions who paid for the fireworks after the Mayor redirected the monies to Sharpton.

    Also I doubt the state cares about the PMUA and they will send the same kind of letter if any that Romankow sent. Christie is to busy having town meetings telling everyone how good he is. Yet I cannot see it.

  8. "Be that as it may her absence did give Sanders the vote."

    Comeon Doc. What spin you are putting on here. That is not correct.

    The people who voted for it doled out the money. Not T Brown.

    Mapp who is running on Jerry's line and McWilliam voted for these people.

    How come you don't mention that?

  9. 5:48 pm No spin; just facts. Did Rev. Brown vote against the gift? Would she have if she had been present? No one knows. But her absence allowed Sander's vote. I believe that all th Councillors except Williams approved the appointment of Dunn and Sanders.They had no legit reason to turn them down. If you w9ish to explain why sign your next comment.