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I must confess that when I first read the letter on April 5, I though from its format that it could have been written by a prankster on April 1 and mailed to the courier. The time frame for publication would be about right. But then since I know the paper double checks on authorship of letters that the Assemblyman’s signature on this letter was genuine.

My next thought when I read Assemblyman Green’s letter was that it is a strong document that should have been written and acted upon four years ago. That was the time when the entire State government was in Democrat hands. And the power of the “Speaker pro tempore” might well have been effective.

There is always a danger when one takes a phrase in a document out of the context that the meaning may be altered. I will attempt not to give new meaning to any of Mr. Green’s words. If I do misinterpret Assemblyman Green’s meaning I will be happy to give him space in this blog for his rebuttal.

Much of Green’s opus is based on several false premises. He compares a situation that took place in Patterson with Plainfield’s loss. There is no similarity except a hospital was closed.

St, Joseph Medical Center a highly respected facility remained in the community. Paterson suffered no more loss of health care than Elizabeth did as on separate occasions two of the three hospitals there in the 70s closed.

The fact is that there was and still is nothing in Plainfield to replace the definitive acute care services lost when without any political pressure Solaris was permitted to close MRMC.

What Green proposes is a conglomeration of outpatient facilities in a so call medical mall. There are several buildings on Oak Tree Rd near Park Ave that provide in individual offices everything he proposes.

He is correct that any hospital needs the services of multidiscipline providers; physicians of all specialties as well as vendors of all facets including the latest advancements in technical equipment.

At one point he remarks. It is counterproductive to get into a mindset that an acute care facility is the be all, end all for the future of Muhlenberg. I think there is a way to provide our residents with the access to healthcare services, while creating jobs, without necessarily operating an acute care facility.

I certainly would be interested a seeing his proposal to accomplish the above. It sounds too much like a politician’s campaign talk of promising the sky and not delivering when elected.

He has ignored entirely the loss to Plainfield has been an immediately accessible faculty capable of giving needed acute short term in patient hospital care.

We should be making it worthwhile for developers and hospital professionals to open closed hospitals and continue operating them as medical facilities.

Once again if memory serves right while others had proposed legitimate for profit organizations who were interested in the property as a hospital but got no where in talks with the city; Green found a solution in a “medical mall plus housing units" developer from I believe Perth Amboy. Thank goodness that did not fly.

With that in mind, considering the present Solaris push could possibly the true crux of the Assemblyman’s interest is contained in these two paragraphs.

“It benefits the community by reopening closed medical facilities and allows the math to make sense for groups looking to redevelop closed hospitals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

I’m taking an “all of the above” approach in saving Muhlenberg Hospital. It is too important for our community not to look at every viable option and see if we can make something else work while accomplishing our major goals of creating jobs and protecting access to medical services.”

One final question; what “access to medical services “will be protected?

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  1. Do I believe Jerry Green himself wrote this letter, absolutely not, do I believe he asked someone to write it, most likely yes! This is Jerry’s feeble attempt to get community buy-in for JFK’s plan for a 600 unit apartment complex. JFK’s threat to take away the emergency room if the community does not agree to their 600 unit apartment development did not sit well with the community and we would prefer they close the emergency room before we would accept their plan as proposed. Jerry Green thinks that he can come in a promise that he will fight to get all this medical service by way of a medical mall; Mr. Green will the price ticket for this mall be a 600 unit apartment complex and if no apartments no mall? The community needs a full service hospital not a medical mall that’s attached to a 600 unit apartment complex.
    All the services Green is proposing can already be found on Park Ave or Oak Tree Road. He is offering us nothing of substance. He’s right about needing jobs in Plainfield, other than PMUA, what we don’t need is another housing project, especially in this neighborhood. Mr. Green has been in office for over 20 years, how many jobs have come and/or stayed in Plainfield since then? His suggestion/fight of a medical mall is too little too late, where was this fight four years ago when they were closing the hospital?
    What’s the price tag for selling out a community?

    Robin Bright