Friday, April 13, 2012


"I am the law!" – (Frank Hague) speech on city government to the Emory Methodist Episcopal Church in Jersey City, November 10, 1937

Frank Hague was Mayor of Jersey City from May 15, 1917 until his retirement on June 17, 1947. His name is synonymous with that early 20th century urban American blend of political favoritism and social welfare known as bossism.

We do not have a Hague here but Plainfield does have the Chairperson of the local Democrat Party who has autocratic powers. Even though there is a committee meeting to select candidates, no one’s name is on the Party line at the primary election without his stamp of approval. No one is appointed to a Board without the party head’s initiative or OK

HRH has rewarded the Mayor’s puppet by giving him the CEO’s office in the PMUA. Since its establishment in 1966 the PMUA.s Board of Commissioners membership has been the reward for good party players. Always a way to pad their multiple pensions

There have been a few who have been Commissioners who did not hold elected office but their commitment deserved rewarding.

Now, out of the blue Plainfield’s Corporation Counselor who has been the Mayor’s voice at the Council meetings, suddenly has developed the capability to manage and operate a multi-million business in a field which he has had no prior experience.

There are 7 Commissioners; two seats are vacant. Also The Rev. Tracey Brown who is the Mayor’s minister was absent when the Commissioners by a 3:2 vote selected Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson to be the new Executive Director Sanders was present and had a vote because he filled one of the vacant ward seats.

One of the three who voted was Sanders; an alternate who can only vote in the place of an absent Commissioner.

Rev Tracy Brown has the Party line for the At-Large Council position now held by Annie McWilliams who is not running. Since apparently only a simple majority of those present is all that was needed for selecting Williamson, it would behoove Brown not to have on her record a vote with the unholy three.

Dunn, Sanders, and Toliver; the three that awarded the previous two top executives the bank after they had resigned voted to replace the interim executive director who to the outsider seemed to be doing a capable job.

Again Mitchell and Brokaw were in opposition. Brown for the second time was not present to vote. The Green men were able to reward a faithful party worker and at the same time rid the PMUA of someone who might be a positive administrator.

Plainfield will always be a distressed town if we the voters or state powers that be continue to watch and ignore unrestricted patronage appointments.


  1. Looks like the only true interest in Plainfield city government is fraud, cover-up, and exploitation. The overarching gang problem is the political gang running the city.

  2. We do need to immediately, if possible, end the PMUA and put its unethical members out of work. Traci Brown may be a minister, but I don't think I'd trust her very far in any elected position. I know she has many fooled, like Sharon seems to do, but most of use who can look with a candid eye, see things that are troubling with her and her collegues on the PMUA. One again, the people of Plainfield get the shaft.

  3. Doc, the PMUA was established in 1996, not 1966.

    I don't envy Dan Williamson--he will still have to do what he's told, but with different bosses, and given what those people have already done Williamson will be boxed in (again).

  4. 10:29 Thanks for picking up the typo.In 1966 Plainfield was still the Queen City.

  5. Doc, Tracey Brown is out of town on business not pleasure.

    I don't knowif you know anything about traveling but once you purchase a plane ticket unless there is a death or a sickness you can not get your money back.

    Mr. Young knew and still don't know anything about running a MUA
    ask the front line workers. He is a horrible manager and will do nothing but run the PMUA into the ground.

    Mr. Young was appointed a interim to head the PMUA, and what's the 1st thing he do. Lay off very good front line worker's, and give his employees in his previous department all $10,000.00 dollar raises.

    Go check the facts they are all there.

  6. I am a worker for pmua I will say that the morale since Dwayne Young have taken over have been at it's lowest point. I will also say that he do not support us guys who are over work and under paid. I might get kicked in the heels for this statement but I think they should have went out of town and picked a someone who have no ties to plainfield. I would not care if he was black, white, asian, latino just someone who care and understand a way to save the pmua so we worker's willnot be out of a job.

    A employee crying out for help.

  7. To the employee crying out for help the residents of Plainfield know you guys/gals do a wonderful job.

    Maybe they can bring in a women to run the authority and not a man.

    Residents of Plainfield don't disregard my comment by saying a women. I'm talking about a strong women not a puppet on a string.

    Just a suggestion.


  8. PMUA, TAXES, ROBBERY, FRAUD, GANGS, MURDER, TOTAL DISORDER! Some political, some social, but all the responsibility of our city government. What a joke! This is the city, that our leaders think by bringing a 600 unit apartment building with upscale retailers would somehow change the character of the city. Even if you camouflaged the apartments with a medical mall the city will still be in total chaos and would not attract any upscale renters or retailers. It just won’t work. Plainfield and it’s lack of quality leadership has become the laughing-stock of Union, Middlesex and Somerset County. Stakeholders in the 3rd ward please do not forgot about the Muhlenberg proposal. With all that’s been going on in the city lately we cannot lose focus on the JFK proposal for the Muhlenberg property , most recently disguised as a “medical mall”. Any number of apartments attached to a medical mall, retail outlets or whatever is still disastrous and unwanted in our neighborhood. Let keep diligent in our fight!!

    Robin Bright

  9. To the anonymous PMUA worker,

    Let me thank you and your coworkers for the wonderful job you do. W know it is not easy being out there on the coldest of days, in the sweltering heat, and at ungodly hours.

    That being said, I am for dissolving the PMUA and rolling the staff back into the City.

    How do you and your coworkers view this whole situation?

    Do you think it is fair that Watson get to have his cake and eat it too and all you are left with are crumbs?

  10. Anon 12:52 No I think Eric and Dave left us the front line workers out to dry. I think it was wrong for the process to be taken away from the arbitrator, just like I think it was wrong for Dwayne Young to give his previous department a $10,000.00 dollar raise. I work through rain, sleet, and snow. We work in 100degree plus weather and it don't stop. I am very afraid of losing my job. I work hard and for the 1st time in my life I have held down a job for 5plus years and I am proud of myself. Per the media Mr. Watson, and Mr. Irvin received over 1million plus in compensation and we the employee's might receive our pink slips. The council do not have a HEART they need to come and take a ride on the trucks with us and really see what we do. I hope we get some real help soon.

    A employee crying out for help.

  11. Vote for the same people, complain.
    Vote for the same people, complain.
    Vote for the same people, complain.
    Vote for the same people, complain.
    Vote for the same people, complain.

    Guess we have to chorus section down for the official song of The City of Plainfield.

  12. I though I would never say this, as a PMUA employee doing one of the dirtiest jobs in the CITY maybe if the city took over this organization we the worker will be appreciated more.

    DISSOLVE it but save the little people who do the work. Fight for us.

  13. The PMUA needs to be disolved. It's not the front line workers that are the problem. All commissioners, the puppet master, mayor, and all council members who allow these egregious acts to take place should all be blamed. They all are fully aware of how much more expensive rates are with the PMUA's existence. Who knows when they will wake up. It's too bad because it could have been a good entity like many of the other MUA's in the state. Some of which are really working towards their mission.

    Don't even get me started on the unqualified attorney's and consultants who have not a clue and yet they bilk the PMUA of millions.

    But in either case it all starts and can end with our city officials. Will they do something or will they remain silent and allow our residents to be robbed? Only time will tell.

  14. Tracey Brown is out of town. Probably. However, there is no excuse for her refusing to state on which side she is on regarding the million dollar award, and the approval of Williamson as Director.

    Here is what Mr. Williamson can do to prove he is stand up guy. During May and June he can throughly acquaint himself with the PMUA contributing his time without compensation. Spend 1 day on each of the 5 trucks with the men starting at 5:00 AM. Ride with them all day. get to know them, listen to their thoughts. Spend another week week at Rock Avenue. Spend an hour or more with each category of employee, say hello, have them explain their jobs. Spend a week with Jim Perry...perhaps 2 weeks, learning the finances and reports. Spend at least 2 days in each department, hold an hour meeting with the staff as a group, and sit with each employee for a half hour so they can introduce themselves, explain their jobs, tell you their gripes.Same scenario with sewer department. Spend 1 week on the sewer trucks, and with the inspectors. Mr. Williamson....that is your challenge. If you do this when you walk into assume your responsibilities on July 1, you will have come a long way toward earning the staff's respect. Bill Kruse

  15. I did not know that Tracy Brown was out of town. I do hope that she will express her stand on the pay out and the selection of a CEO. It seems to me that b oth were blindside actions.