Thursday, July 17, 2008


This old photo of the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. was taken in 1949.

We had been married while I was in Medical School one month before Pearl Harbour. One war and three daughters later we were able to take a slightly belated honeymoon. Off we went in our new "fishbowl" Studebaker to tour eastern Canada. Many of the roads in Quebec, the Gaspe, Prince Edward and Cape Breton were gravel only. The design of the car itself was an item of great interest to the "natives".

The pristine beauty of this gravel highway has changed greatly since then. Not only have the roads been paved, but Cape Breton is now easily accessible via a causeway/bridge instead of a ferry.

We did revisit the Maritime Provinces ,skipping Cape Breton, with another couple in the late 60s. Along the way we found time to play several interesting golf courses including the one at the site of "Anne of the Green Gables" on Prince Edward Island. Since then Prince Edward Island has also been connected to the mainland by a bridge eliminating the large car ferry that also served as a railroad train transport.

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