Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Another “lost day” but time to make a few notations.

Locally something positive may be happening with the school system. Perhaps the Campbell influence and local politics is giving way to outside pressures that are concerned with the education of our children.

If the reports about the changes in administrations are true and Larry Leverett are true that will be the most positive happening in years.

Could the flight to charter schools which sap school finances will be over. It is true that Plainfield has had the most Charter schools over the years. Most have started with good intentions although some have represented personal agendas. Many have lost their way and have disappeared. Some are still doing an excellent job.

We should thank “Anonymous Gadfly” for his informative blog.

There is a national link to the charter school visa public school question since Secretary of Education Davos has indicated a favoritism for charter schools and school vouchers which will support parochial private schools at the expense of the public schools.

On the subject of Trump; the chairman of the House intelligence committee has said that his associates and perhaps Trump himself were incidentally picked up during surveillance of suspected individuals. In no case were they the subject of wiretapping, However Spivey and Trump seem to take this as vindication of his claim to have been wiretapped.

The GOP health care plan may be in trouble even if it passes the house there are enough Republicans Senators against it to kill it in its present form.

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